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The new lineup topped Carboni-Beretta (Porsche GT3R) and Casè-Giammaria (Ferrari 458 Italia). Ferrari on top also in GT Cup as the Ferrari 458 Italia of Goldstein-Mancinelli led Bodega-Maestri and Tempesta-Iacone.TEAM MALUCELLI

Alex Frassineti and Piero Necchi are race-1 winners in Monza’s second round of the Italian GT Championship. The drivers racing for Team Malucelli proceeded the Porsche GT3R of Carboni-Beretta (Autorlando) and the Ferrari 458 Italia of Casè-Giammaria (Scuderia Baldini 27) at the end of a tight race. A Ferrari clinched the victory also in GT Cup as Steven Goldstein and Daniel Mancinelli crossed the line first at the debut in the Italian series. The lineup of Easy Race led the Porsche 997 of Bodega-Maestri (Drive Technology) and the Lamborghini Gallardo of Tempesta-Iacone.

Mapelli, Schoeffler and Benucci got to the lead of the GT3 classification with 28 points, while Galbiati and Passuti confirmed to be on top of GT Cup with 42 points. Race 2 will start tomorrow at 15.50 (local time) with Emanuele Zonzini setting off from the pole. Live TV coverage on Dinamica Channel and on web streaming at http://www.acisportitalia.it/GT.

The commentary: Poleman Barri did not have problems getting the lead at the go, proceeding Frassineti, Capello, Beretta, Giammaria and Babini, while Passuti led the pack in GT Cup from Mancinelli to Baccani. The fight for top positions got red hot since the beginning. The top three drivers started pulling away and, behind them, Beretta and Giammaria started a good duel for P4. Schoeffler spun at the first chicane during lap two losing four positions in this way with Ferrara, Donativi, Benedetti and Benucci taking advantage of his mistake, while “El Pato” ended early his race in GT Cup due to an incident.

On top, Barri pulled away getting the most out of the duel for the second position involving Frassineti and Capello. The Audi driver went wide on the gravel of Parabolica at lap six and rejoined in last position, giving away the third place to Giammaria who was followed byBabini, Beretta, Bontempelli, Ferrara and Donativi. At lap 9 Frassineti fended off Giammaria attacks but Babini got the most out of this duel and found his way past the driver of Scuderia Baldini gaining the third place. Drivers swaps started at the same lap but after getting on Barri’s car, Amici got a puncture to his front left tire. The driver in force to Imperiale Racing was forced to get back into the pits giving the lead of the race to Babini.

Autorlando’s driver leadership did not last long as a contact with Casè, who just replaced Giammaria, made him lose several positions. When all cars were back on track Casè had to concede the lead to serve the Drive Through penalty he was handed in consequence of the contact with Babini which made him slip down in fifth place. Necchi – who replaced Frassineti – inherited the lead of the race, Carboni (who took Beretta’s seat) was also promoted to P2, while Magli (who replaced Ferrara) to the third, followed by Caccia who replaced Bontempelli on the Nissan GT-R that made its debut in this occasion. He was followed by Bianco, Lancieri, Gagliardini and Mapelli.

In GT Cup, Goldstein got the lead from Venerosi to Tempesta, who replaced Iacone that scored a good recover in the first stint.

The second half of the race was inflamed again by Casè who started coming back after serving his penalty. The driver of Scuderia Baldini took Caccia at lap 18, and then Lancieri, while Gagliardini – who climbed all the way to the eighth place – was forced to the pits to replace a tire.

In the back, Mapelli scored a good comeback that made him earn P6 at lap 22, while Magli had to concede his position to Casè and Lancieri at the following lap. The final two laps did not have any particular emotion and Necchi scored a splendid win from Carboni and Casè at the flag. The fourth position was taken by Lancieri from Magli, Mapelli, D’Amico, Gagliardini and Goldsetin, who was tenth absolute and first in GT Cup ahead of Tempesta and Venerosi.

Source Italian GT Championship


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