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Frassineti-Beretta (Ferrari 458 Italia-GT3) and Maino-Selva (Porsche 997-GT Cup) got the two victories in the final two races of the 5th round of the Italian GT Championship held at the circuit of Vallelunga. In GT3 Ombra Racing drivers proceeded the sister car of Schirò-Berton (Villorba Corse) and the Lamborghini Gallardo of Bortolotti-Viberti (Imperiale Racing), the latter being race-1 winners. Thanks to the twenty points harvested in this way, Beretta and Frassineti regained the classification lead at 96 points, proceeding Bortolotti-Viberti by three points and Schirò-Berton by four.italian gt r2 vall

The race of class GT Cup has been dominated by the Porsche 997 with Maino-Selva (Ebimotors) on the top step of the podium leading Russo-Goldstein (Antonelli Motorsport) and team mates Venerosi-Baccani.  With four races still to go, the general classification of GT Cup sees Pastorelli brothers on top (four at the flag), leading Maino-Selva by only one point, while the third position is occupied by Zanardini-Perel (Lamborghini Gallardo) 13 points shy of the leaders.

The weekend awarded the first trophy of the season: the Coppa Lamborghini Huracan that has been won by Tanza-Zaugg (Raton Racing), that have been second in the final race of the season which was won by Baruch-Faccioni (Vincenzo Sospiri Racing).

Race-2 GT3: Poleman Bortolotti confirmed his lead at the start, from Frassineti, Gattuso, Mapelli and Berton, but the latter managed to find his way past the Audi driver during the first lap. In the Coppa Lamborghini Huracan, Zaugg got the lead from Faccioni to Mantovani.

Mapelli regained P4 at the third lap, while Monfardini was sixth ahead of Biagi and Comandini. The BMW driver got past the Bolognese at the following lap, while Zonzini and Di Amato started a good fight.

At lap six, Monfardini made a mistake giving clear way to Comandini and Biagi, while Bortolotti on top increased his lead to Frassineti to three seconds, as the latter was caught up by Gattuso. The situation stabilized until drivers swaps, when Amici who took over from Mapelli got the lead of the race ahead of Beretta (Frassineti’s co equiper) and Casè who took over from Gattuso. Viberti, who replaced Bortolotti at the wheel, due to the time penalty for winning race-1 rejoined in fourth place ahead of Schirò, Gagliardini, Pezzucchi, Mugelli, Capello, Palma and Postiglione. In the Coppa Lamborghini Huracan, Alessandri got the lead from Tanca to Baruch.

At lap 20, Schirò got past Viberti for P4, while Palma spun from P10. Baruch got the lead of the Coppa Huracan from Alessandri and Tanca.

At lap 25, Postiglione’s comeback got concrete and he slided into the points, but the sting in the tail came later on in the same lap as Amici, firmly on top, went wide at Curvone and got stranded there. Beretta inherited therefore the lead proceeding Casè, Schirò, Viberti, Gagliardini, Pezzucchi, Capello and Postiglione, who improved his position in the following lap taking the driver from Asti.

Another twist came in the following lap, as Casè went out at Cimini giving the second position to Schirò. The third place went to Viberti ahead of Gagliardini, Pezzucchi, Postiglione, Capello, Mugelli, Calamia and Ferrara.

Postiglione completed his comeback at lap 29 as he got past Pezzucchi, who was fifth, as the latter had a contact with Capello and lost three positions.

The race did not have more emotions until the flag that welcomed Beretta in first, and co-equiper Frassineti, securing the third win of the season ahead of Schirò and Viberti. The fourth place went to Gagliardini who proceeded Postiglione, Capello, while Mugelli spun at the final corner conceding P7 to Ferrara who proceeded Pezzucchi, Puglisi and Palma at the flag.

Baruch won the race of Lamborghini Huracan from Tanca and Alessandri, but the final wint went to Tanca-Zaugg (Raton Racing) tha proceeded Massimo Mantovani by 23 points in the classification.

Race-2 GT Cup: At lap one at Cimini the first victims. Zanardini, started on pole, was hit by De La Reina, spinning and rejoining from the back. Baccani got the most out of it taking the lead from Selva, Durante, Del Prete, Goldstein, Romani and Bodega, that had a spin at the following lap.

At lap 8 Goldstein took Del Prete first and Durante then, while Zanardini recovered several positions installing himself in P7. Pastorelli also had a great comeback closing in on the front runners after exploiting the contact between Del Prete and Durante taking P4.

Pit window opened at lap 12 and Pastorelli tried a move on Goldstein for P3 but without any success. The driver from Veneto lost a couple of positions and slipped behind Del Prete and Carina Lima.

Back on track, Venerosi (who took over from Baccani) got the lead from Maino, Russo, Sposito, Pastorelli and Perel. Pastorelli had the best of Sposito at lap 20, while Perel did the same shortly after, while Valori had a puncture and was forced to pit. At lap 23, Maino got the lead taking Venerosi. Russo was third ahead of Pastorelli, Perel, Sposito and Comi.

The final two laps saw Maino firmly on top, and Venerosi busy fending off Russo, but Ebimotors driver had to concede the second step of the podium to Russo at the last corner. The fourth place went to Pastorelli who proceeded Perel, Sposito and Comi

Source. Italian GT Championship


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