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Next year, the international sprint-race series will feature both the new R8 LMS as well as the current Audi R8 LMS Cup car. In addition to the overall and Amateur Cup, the series will feature a new Masters Cup, for non-professionals racing the current Cup car. The expanded 2016 grid is expected to feature a similar number of new and current generation cars.audi r8 lms cup asia 2016

“With the introduction of the new Audi R8 LMS car to the Cup in 2016, we continue to innovate and bring cutting-edge technology to race tracks across Asia,” said Rene Koneberg, Director of Audi Sport customer racing Asia. “The new generation R8 LMS further elevates the Cup’s position as a leader in Asian GT racing. We are confident that we have put together a very attractive package for racing drivers throughout the region.”

The next generation of the Audi R8 LMS, which won the Nürburgring 24 Hours earlier this year, features improved aerodynamics, the Audi lightweight technology expertise and delivers up to 585 hp. Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, the Audi R8 LMS was developed specifically for GT racing and is suited for both sprint and endurance races.

Following today’s qualifying and Superpole sessions, defending champion and current Drivers Classification leader Alex Yoong of Audi TEDA Racing Team took pole position for tomorrow’s Round 10. So close was the competition that the top six drivers in Superpole were separated by less than six-tenths of a second, but Yoong’s time of 1:41.476 proved unbeatable, giving the Malaysian his first pole position in two years. Rival Marchy Lee of Audi Hong Kong Team was second fastest in the Superpole shoot-out and will start alongside Yoong, albeit with an extra 50 kgs of weight due to his victory in last month’s Round 9.

Lining up on the second row for Round 10 will be Audi Korea driver Kyong-Ouk You and Starspeed Racing driver Shaun Thong. Thong joins the Cup for the second time this season and is currently competing in the Audi Sport TT Cup as part of the Audi Sport customer racing Asia Young Driver Development Programme. Fifth fastest in Superpole was FAW-VW Audi Racing Team driver Cheng Congfu.

India’s Aditya Patel of Team Audi R8 LMS Cup will start Round 10 from the back of the field, after he pushed a little too hard after exceeding track limits on his only flying lap in the first qualifying session.

With seven different winners in the past nine races and the top six drivers separated by just 27 points, tomorrow’s 16-lap Round 10 is sure to feature wheel-to-wheel battles throughout the field. Fans at home and around the world can catch the Audi R8 LMS Cup with a live stream on the brand new official home of the Audi R8 LMS Cup at http://www.audir8lmscup.com. While the English live stream is available on the official website, Chinese live streams are available on Cup partner sites LeTV and PPTV. Series partner sport auto will stream the race over Chinese platform Xiaomi.

Rounds 10&11 of the Audi R8 LMS Cup take place tomorrow in support of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Audi R8 LMS Cup Official Website at: http://www.audir8lmscup.com

Quotes after Round 10 Qualifying

Alex Yoong (Audi TEDA Racing Team)
“I’m very pleased – it’s my first pole in two years and to be honest, the lap wasn’t great, but it was still my best qualifying performance in two years. This track is tough, the wind was moving around a bit and it was difficult to be consistent. I used three Push-to-Passes in [the first] qualifying and at the end I was thinking, ‘I hope that’s enough to get me through.’ There are 10 quick cars this weekend and to only use three in the first session was a bit risky, but it played out well in the end.”

Marchy Lee (Audi Hong Kong Team)
“Alex did a good job. Today went well for me as well, especially since this morning I didn’t have a great feeling. I was using old tires from my win in the last round and I was struggling. I just put my head down for Qualifying and although there are still some improvements that can be made for tomorrow, I feel like I have a better idea of what needs to be done. I think tomorrow will be a good race – I’m carrying 50 kgs so it’s difficult to guess what will happen, but I’ll be trying my best.”

Kyong-Ouk You (Audi Korea)
“We had a couple of issues during Free Practice and ended up changing the battery. Because we weren’t able to test the set-up during Free Practice, in the first qualifying session, I wasn’t happy with the set-up and we were just able to sneak into Superpole. Between the first qualifying session and Superpole, we changed the set-up and that change worked very well. I made a mistake, but it still worked out okay and I’m looking forward to Round 10 tomorrow.”

Superpole Round 10 – Results

1. 1/Alex YOONG/MAL/Audi TEDA Racing Team/1:41.476
2. 88/Marchy LEE/HKG/4R/Audi Hong Kong Team/+0.154
3. 11/Kyong-Ouk YOU/KOR/4R/Audi Korea/+0.394
4. 26/Shaun THONG/HKG/Starspeed Racing/+0.503
5. 99/CHENG Congfu/FAW-VW Audi Racing Team/+0.508
6. 66/Rahel FREY/SUI/Castrol Racing Team/+0.571
7. 39/Stefano MONTESI/ITA/4R/Team Betterlife/+6.776

Qualifying Round 10 – Results

1. 99/CHENG Congfu/FAW-VW Audi Racing Team/1:41.96
2. 88/Marchy LEE/HKG/4R/Audi Hong Kong Team/+0.278
3. 26/Shaun THONG/HKG/Starspeed Racing/+0.322
4. 1/Alex YOONG/MAL/Audi TEDA Racing Team/+0.405
5. 66/Rahel FREY/SUI/Castrol Racing Team/+0.516
6. 39/Stefano MONTESI/ITA/4R/Team Betterlife/+0.781
7. 11/Kyong-Ouk YOU/KOR/4R/Audi Korea/+0.797
8. 27/Ryo FUKUDA/JPN/Starspeed Racing/+0.891
9. 54/Thomas FJORDBACH/DEN/Federal-Mogul Motorparts Racing/+0.844
10. 7/Jeffrey LEE/TPE/4R/Team Audi Volkswagen Taiwan/+1.132
11. 12/Alex AU/HKG/Am/CTVS Racing Team/+2.445
12. 5/Andrew KIM/KOR/E-Rain Racing Team/+2.582
13. 51/Johnson HUANG/TPE/Am/BC Racing/+3.012
14. 59/Daniel Bilski/AUS/Am/B-Quik Racing/+3.070
15. 15/Kevin CHEN/Am/TPE/J-Fly Racing/+3.444
16. 24/David CHENG/USA/Michelin Racing Team/+3.584
17. 55/Vincent FLOIRENDO/Am/4R/PHI/Team Chengdu New Elements/+4.938
18. 8/Aditya PATEL*/IND/4R/Team Audi R8 LMS Cup/+6.899
* Exceeded track limits during fastest lap in qualifying session

2015 Audi R8 LMS Cup
Overall Classification after Round 9 – Top 10
1. Alex YOONG – 101
2. Franky CHENG – 97
3. Thomas FJORDBACH – 90
4. Aditya PATEL – 90
5. Marchy LEE – 81
6. Rahel FREY – 74
7. Stefano MONTESI – 46
8. Kyong-Ouk YOU – 44
9. Edoardo MORTARA – 42
10. Jeffrey LEE – 33

Am Cup Classification after Round 9 – Top 3
1. Daniel BILSKI – 134
2. Ashraff DEWAL – 106
3. Johnson HUANG – 96

Team Cup Classification after Round 9 – Top 3
1. FAW-VW Audi Racing Team/4R – 129
2. Castrol Racing Team – 116
3. Audi TEDA Racing Team – 102

Source. Audi


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