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After the first row of pit stops and with two hours completed, the ARC Bratislava by Ferry Monster Autosport Seat Leon Cup Racer (#134, Miro Konopka/Matej Konopka/Zdeno Mikulasko/Miro Hornak/Andy Studenic) leads the first-ever Hankook 24H SLOVAKIA RING. The Red Camel-Jordans.nl Seat Leon Cup Racer (#303, Rik Breukers/Ivo Breukers/Klaus Kresnik/Kris Cools), that had left from pole position, mostly topped the field during the starting period. Meanwhile, it has dropped to second place, but is still ahead of the NKPP Racing Seat Leon Cup Racer (#125, Gijs Bessem/Harry Hilders/Simon Gras).ARC Bratislava_no134_800pix

With the Saxon Motorsport BMW 135D GTR, another car in the TCR class lays in fourth place overall. Those four cars are still on the lead lap.

There is a close battle for the CUP1 class lead as well. The Sorg Rennsport BMW M235i Racing Cup (#151, Siegfried Kuzdas/Thomas Müller/Ace Robey) is already two laps down on the overall leaders, but only seconds ahead of the Speedlover BMW M235i Racing Cup (#153, Jean-Michel Gerome/Pierre-Yves Paque/Jesus Diez/José Manuel de los Milagros). Those two cars are in fifth and sixth place overall. Third in CUP1 class is the R H Race Engineering Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2 (#109, Mark Pilatti/Malcolm Niall/Clint Harvey/David Nye).

The presenza.eu Racing Team Clio Renault Clio Cup IV (#212, Luigi Stanco/Stefan Tanner/Patrik Meier/Michel Schaap/Antonio Teixeira) makes up the leading A2 crew. Their teammates, the Renault Clio Cup III (#112, Luigo Stanco/Stefan Tanner/Armando Stanco/Endy Stanco/Michel Schaap) are second and the Scantech Racing by Sorg Rennsport Renault Clio RS III (#175, Rickard Nilsson/Tanja Nilsson) follows in third.

The Dieselpower Volkswagen Golf V TDI Cup (#197, Andreas Kempf/Berend van Berkel/Henk Thijssen/Marteen Mus/Tim Stanbridge) leads the D1 class for Diesel cars ahead of the Winkler Tuning BMW E46 (#190, Michael Winkler/Simon Kölbl/Markus Mair/Markus Reitbauer/Markus Haider). Unfortunately, the Red Camel-Jordans.nl Seat Leon TDI (#195, Henk Thijssen/Marteen Mus/Tim Stanbridge/Kris Cools) is already out of the race after having struggled in qualifying yesterday as well.

The Hankook 24H SLOVAKIA RING’s inaugural edition is the second round of Creventic’s new Touring Car Endurance Series (TCES) powered by Hankook The race finishes tomorrow at 14.00 hrs., followed by a podium ceremony for all classes.

There is no live streaming for this event, but a dedicated team will be on site to keep everyone updated with news, videos, photos, tweets and posts, to be followed at http://www.tourincarcenduranceseries.com, facebook.com/24hseries and twitter.com/24hseries. Further information about the Touring Car Endurance Series powered by Hankook can be found at http://www.touringcarenduranceseries.com and http://www.24hseries.com.

Source. Creventic


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