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Jan Magnussen and Corvette Racing head north of the border into Canada this weekend as the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship tackles the high speed Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.Jan Magnussen

Magnussen and Antonio Garcia finished seventh in the most recent round of the championship at Watkins Glen. The team executed a flawless race but the fastest lap for the No.3 Corvette was 1.4 seconds slower than the winning Ford GT.

IMSA has adjusted the balance of performance (BoP) for the GTLM class for this weekend with the Corvette squad gaining a 10kg weight break and an updated restrictor.

The Canadian venue has been a happy hunting ground for Corvette Raicng. In 17 years, Corvette Racing has won 11 times at the historic 2.459-mile, 10-turn circuit formerly known as Mosport.

Magnussen has six overall victories at Canadian Tire Motosrport Park – the first coming on his first visit to the venue in 1999 with Panoz Motorsports. For Corvette Racing, he scored five wins in eight years – 2007-2009, 2011 and most recently in 2014.

Cars are on track for the first time Friday morning with two practice sessions schedule. Final practice is on Saturday morning with qualifying at 4:05pm. Sunday’s race at 11:05am will be run over a two hour, 40 minute race distance.

Jan Magnussen Q and A

Q: How frustrating was the Watkins Glen weekend with the way the GTLM cars were balanced between the brands?

JM: “I think the team did a great job and we got the most out of what we had but unfortunately we’re not quite fast enough. The changes to the BoP will be interesting but I think Mosport is still going to be challenging. All we can do right now is just try and have the best race possible with no mistakes on track, good pit stops and we’ll see what we get.”
“Our fastest lap at Watkins Glen was 1.4 seconds off the Ford so it’s not super motivating but it’s what we had to deal. We’ll keep fighting just like we always do. We’ll work on our stuff and see if we can improve a little bit and see what happens.”

Q: Were you able to see where the time difference was coming from?

JM: “It’s difficult to know because you don’t know exactly what their car is set up for but in general it seems getting off the corners and the initial acceleration is where the advantage was. “There’s a top speed difference as well but that could be aero. They’re just pulling away from us in every acceleration. That’s what it is right now.”

Q: How was the new track surface at Watkins Glen during race conditions?

JM: “It really was fantastic. Lots of grip, super smooth and it allowed for a lot more variation in the lines that you chose through the corners. Super, super enjoyable. Other than the fact that we weren’t fast enough, it was really cool driving around.”

Q: Looking forward to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park – what makes this circuit one of your favorites?

JM: “I always look forward to getting back to Mosport. It’s a fantastic track, it’s high speed all the way around. There’s such a great flow to it and usually we have good results there.
“It should be a track where we can at least show how good we are but after the latest batch of BoP changes, hopefully we can show a bit better than we did this past weekend.”

Q: You have raced here since 1999, how much has the facility improved over that time?

JM: “I think they did a great job with that. They added a little bit of run off areas so that you can put a wheel off without destroying the car. At Watkins Glen, for example, they have a problem with track limits where you can actually gain some time by going wide and using the run offs, it’s not really like that at Mosport. There might be one place where you can gain some time by using the run off, but most of the places are for safety and if you are out there anyway you’re in trouble.”

Q: Is Kevin’s motivation still high despite some frustrating races in recent weeks?

JM: “They’re struggling a bit at the moment. I think they’re in the middle of trying to decide what to do with the rest of the season in terms of where to have the main focus.
“Should it be trying to move up the order a little bit this year or just go straight into 100% trying to develop the 2017 car. Last weekend was another hard race for Renault and Kevin. Unfortunately, he had a penalty for blocking, which cost him one or two spots, which didn’t really matter because it’s still outside the points.
“It’s still a shame that you can’t show exactly what you’re capable of.”

Q: The track limits situation is a hot topic in Formula 1 at the moment. What do you recommend as the best solution?

JM: “I think grass is the best deterrent for running wide and if they do want the extra tarmac, then have grass and then tarmac behind that. But at least there should be a clear time loss for going over the limit.”

Q: What was your take on the Hamilton versus Rosberg battle?

JM: “That was fantastic TV. It’s difficult to say. Rosberg didn’t really accept getting passed around the outside and he didn’t leave Hamilton enough room but he may have been out of options.
“It was unfortunate. I’m sure there have been some meetings about this. It doesn’t make them look so good, it could have been a fantastic 1-2.

Q: How do you address issues like this at Corvette Racing?

JM: “As a team you try and avoid those things but I think it’s a little bit different in Formula 1 because the drivers are absolutely against each other and they’re fighting so hard so there’s going to be these situations.
“I don’t know how to stop it completely other than get one guy to accept that you’re the number two. But I don’t thing that’s going to happen with those two.

Q: When are you back on track at Home in Denmark?

JM: “The weekend of the 30-31st of July is a street race in Copenhagen. I’m still leading the points but I didn’t have a good weekend the last time out but hopefully I can retain the lead in Copenhagen.
“I’m missing one race later on this year when we’re at VIR so hopefully I can build a little bit on my lead so it’s not so painful when I come back not leading.”

Source. Paul Ryan Media




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