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Agostini-Di Folco (Lamborghini Huracan GT3) took the win in the race of classes Super GT3 and GT3, and Zaugg-D’Amico (Lamborghini Huracan SuperTrofeo) that of Super GT Cup, GT Cup, GT4 and Cayman Trophy.R99_1885

In the race of the highest classes, Antonelli Motorsport’s drivers proceeded the sister car run by Ombra Racing with Frassineti-Gattuso at the wheel and the Ferrari 488 GT3 (TR3 Performance) of Mancinelli-Romanelli, while in the car of the single make cars, the pairing of Raton Racing was on the top step of the podium leading the Huracans of Kasai-Desideri (Antonelli Motorsport) and Baruch-Liang (Vincenzo Sospiri Racing).

In GT3 Leo-Cheever (Ferrari 458 Italia-Scuderia Baldini 27) claimed their first top step of the podium, leading Zonzini-Russo (Audi R8 LMS ultra-Audi Sport Italia) and Luca and Nicola Pastorelli (Porsche GT3R-Krypton Motorsport). The victory of GT4 went to Cerati-Fondi (Porsche 997-Autorlando), while Mercatali-Cecotto (Dinamic Motorsport) secured their first win of the season in Cayman Trophy proceeding Gianluigi Piccioli (Ebimotors) and Federico and Matteo Zangari (CVG Motorsport).

SUPER GT3: The first win of the season for Agostini-Di Folco in the highest category of the GT championship has been a deserved one. At the start, Di Folco confirmed his sixth place and for several laps he kept close to the front runners, behind Mancinelli, Mapelli, Mul, Cerqui and Cheever. The race did not award many emotions in the first stint, exception made for Cerqui’s overtaking move on Mul at lap nine, and behind Di Folco, Gattuso, Gai and Sini followed in the order. Back on track after the drivers change, Romanelli took over from Mancinelli and confirmed his lead ahead of Comandini, Agostini, Frassineti, Mugelli, Bortolotti, Venturi and Albuquerque, the latter had to serve a 30s time handicap.
At lap 19, Comandini found his way past Romanelli and took the lead, followed at the next lap by Agostini and Frassineti as both managed to get past the American driver. At lap 22, Bortolotti had to give away his fifth position due to a puncture, but the fight for P1 kept the race alive in the closing stages. Comandini, Agostini and Frassineti were all within just over half a second and started a good battle that ended at lap 24 when Agostini and Comandini had a contact. The BMW driver hit the back of his rival while trying to fend off the attack moved by Antonelli Motorsport’s driver and was forced to the retirement. Frassineti got the most of the contact and installed himself in P2, but Agostini defended well the lead until the chequered flag, taking the victory as Frassineti and Romanelli completed the podium. Venturi-Gai were fourth and proceeded Mapelli-Albuquerque, Pezzucchi-Venturini, Sini-Mugelli (penalized by 8s due to an irregular drive change), Linossi-Bontempelli and Busnelli-Babini.

GT3: Leo-Cheever, finally got their first win. A victory they have been after since qualifying, when the two drivers secured the quickest times in both sessions. Scuderia Baldini 27 pairing has always kept the first position of the class, with Cheever driving through the first stint, period in which Postiglione had to retire due to the failure of the axle shaft, and Russo completed a good overtaking on Baccani for P2. Leo took over from the Cheever and confirmed the pairing’s lead proceeding Pastorelli and Zonzini, but the Audi driver got P2 back at lap 22. Positions did not change afterwards and the lineup of Scuderia Baldini took a nice victory that launched them in the standings, while Audi’s lineup followed proceding Luca and Nicola Pastorelli and Galassi-Tempesta, that were fourth on the 458 Italia run by Team Malucelli. Venerosi-Baccani had to retire at lap 17 due to an electric problem while fighting for the podium.

SUPER GT CUP: Zaugg-D’Amico’s victory arrived after the race when Costa-Krenzia that crossed the line first were handed a 30s penalty due to an irregularity under yellow flags. Raton Racing’s paring deserved the win anyway, as they have always been among the front runners and have been leading the race after drivers change. Zaugg managed the race in the first stint, but the safety car shuffled cards and D’Amico found himself on top after the pit stops. Costa came to the fore in the second stint, putting in a good comeback race closing in on the leading duo. The three started a good duel for the lead: Costa got past Desideri first and then at lap 24 he took the lead off D’Amico, crossing the finish line on top. The post-race penalty handed the victory to D’Amico – Zaugg, that led Desideri-Kasai and Baruch-Liang. The fourth place went to Mantovani-Negra as Krenzia-Costa followed them. Galbiati-Sartori and Spinelli-Necchi, were also penalized due to an irregularity under yellow flags, despite a very fast first stint. Comi-Tanca had to retire at lap 7 due to a spin of the driver from Bergamo.

GT CUP: Ferrari has been unbeatable in the class of the single make cars. The podium was all for the Maranello’s cars as Prinoth-“Babalus” took the victory in their debut race in the Italian Championship, after a first stint dominated by the 458 Italia driven by Luigi Ferrara and Leonardo Baccarelli. Behind the driver from Bari, David Gostner, Zanardini, Prinoth, Durante and Demarchi followed in the order, but after the drivers change, Carboni, Thomas Gostner, “Babalus” and Sauto were behind Baccarelli (who took over from Ferrara). At lap 17 Carboni got past Baccarelli on top, and then was followed suit by “Babalus”, while the driver from Umbria managed to fend off the attack moved by Gostner. At lap 22 “Babalus” got the lead of the race, while Gostner took P3 behind Carboni. These positions were confirmed at the flag. After the race, Durante-Carboni were handed a 30s time penalty for an irregularity under yellow flags, and team mates David and Thomas Gostner inherited P2 behind Prinoth-“Babalus”, while Ferrara-Baccarelli, Zanardini-Sauto. Carlo and Lino Curti followed. Durante-Carboni ended therefore sixth, ahead of Trentin-Palazzo and Manuela and Corinna Gostner. Deodati-Romani and Maino-Benucci, had to retire early as the latter had a contact with Benvenuti-Demarchi.

GT4 and CAYMAN TROPHY: The victory of GT4 went to Cerati-Fondi on the Porsche 997 run by Autorlando, while in the Porsche’s trophy the victory went to Mercatali-Cecotto and it has never been in doubt. Cecotto kept at bay Pera and De Castro in the first stint, and then Mercatali dominated the second half of the race after the exit of Pera and Bianco. Dinamic Motorsport’s drivers proceeded Piccioli and Zangari brothers at the flag.

The final two races of the weekend will take place tomorrow.

Source. Italian GT Championship/Photo. Riccardo Righetti R99photography.com


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