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In 2017-2019 SRO Motorsports Group will leverage all of its GT racing experience and know-how to restore the prestige of France’s FFSA GT Championship. To do so the same cornerstones that define its other successful platforms – the Blancpain GT Series, Total 24 Hours of Spa, Sepang 12 Hours, , Blancpain Sports Club, Pirelli World Challenge and Competition 102 GT4 European Series – will be applied: reduced costs, equality for all, dynamic circuits, a friendly paddock atmosphere, convenient locations and media coverage.

Prestigious brands producing spectacular racing cars that still remain technically accessible and affordable to run are, among many others, the hallmarks of SRO Motorsports Group’s GT4 regulations. Manufacturers clearly understand the appeal given that no less than 13 different models are already homologated, while many others are set to join the ranks shortly.

It is in this context that SRO Motorsports Group has launched the 2017 GT4 European Series Southern Cup, a championship predominantly based in France and overseen by the Fédération Française du Sport Automobile. As such, the winners at season’s end will be officially crowned FFSA GT champions.

Six events, including two of France’s best loved national meetings – the Nogaro Easter Cups and Grand Prix de Pau – have been scheduled. As well as a cross-border trip to Barcelona in support of the prestigious Blancpain GT Series, the championship also visits Dijon and Magny-Cours, as well as Paul Ricard for the season finale.

* April 15-17: Nogaro – Easter Cups
* May 19-21: Pau – Grand Prix
* June 30-July 2: Dijon
* September 1-3 or 8-10: Magny-Cours (TBC)
* September 30 – October 1: Barcelona – Blancpain GT Series
* October 13-15: Circuit Paul Ricard

SRO Motorsports Group’s proposed FFSA GT Championship format features some very dynamic track action and two drivers per car (or one as authorised by the regulations), which guarantees spectacular racing. Every weekend features more than four hours of track time split between two 60-minute practice sessions, two 15-minute qualifying sessions (with a 10-minute break between them), and two 60-minute races each featuring a mandatory pit-stop.

Pro-Am and Am classifications
Two classifications will be established: one for Pro-Am pairs and another for all-Am crews. This represents an area of innovation for SRO Motorsports Group, which will apportion ballast according to each line-up’s combined SRO grading. For instance, in Pro-Am:

Bronze/Gold pairs: ballast is 1.5% of the car’s weight
Bronze/Silver: no ballast added
Silver/Silver: ballast is 2.5% of the car’s weight (subject to Sports Committee’s approval)

All-Am crews can only comprise Bronze-graded drivers. However, a single Bronze driver can also choose to compete solo if they wish.

Balance of Performance
According to the GT4 category’s guiding principles a Balance of Performance (BOP) covering all competing manufacturers will be established by SRO Motorsports Group. This takes into account information collected across all existing GT4-eligible series, such as the Competition 102 GT4 European Series, British GT Championship, VLN, Pirelli World Challenge and IMSA. This global BOP offers everyone the same opportunity to win while also guaranteeing closely matched cars.

Paddock atmosphere
Regulated Balance of Performance certainly makes for lively track action. But, once the engines fall silent, SRO Motorsports Group will strive to foster a warm and friendly atmosphere throughout the paddock, as is the case in all of its championships. The watchwords for this new-look FFSA GT Championship will be ‘fair play’ and ‘fun’. That goes for the drivers as well as those around them!

Media coverage
SRO Motorsports Group will provide its teams and drivers with excellent television coverage, including an online platform via Web-TV. Indeed, everything is already in place for the GT4 European Series Southern Cup’s maiden season in 2017. Following collective testing in mid-March, the campaign begins at Nogaro on April 15-17 – a date that should already be in your diaries!

Stephane Ratel – Founder and CEO of SRO Motorsports Group
“I strongly believe in the GT4 category. When the current economic environment is analysed, it is clearly the best solution for some national competitions. GT4 cars resonate with the fans; they are spectacular and affordable, both to buy and in terms of running costs. We have also seen GT4’s success in British GT and Competition 102 GT4 European Series, two championships that we promote. I am very happy with the calendar we have been able to finalise for the GT4 European Series Southern Cup’s first season, which will feature wonderful events and circuits that drivers are sure to love. All the ingredients are in place for the championship to be an immediate success!”

Source. SRO Motorsports Group


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