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Remo Lips (33, CH, RWT Racing) is the new Trophy class champion in the ADAC GT Masters. The Corvette Z06.R driver only had two finish both races at the finale in Hockenheim last weekend, to beat fellow Swiss driver Rolf Ineichen (38, CH, GRT Grasser Racing Team) and win the Swiss battle for the title in what used to be the Gentlemen standings. Lips is one of the veterans in the ADAC GT Masters. He has taken ten class wins from 86 racing starts. “Winning the title in the Trophy standings is just fantastic,” said a delighted Lips in Hockenheim.remo-lips

After taking part only sporadically during 2010 and 2011, Lips, who works in real estate, has been a regular ADAC GT Masters entrant since 2012. He has always driven Corvettes except for one weekend when he tried a Porsche. Lips got started in motor racing through the ADAC single-seater junior categories. He lined up in the BMW Formel ADAC 15 years ago and raced against ex-Formula 1 racing drivers Timo Glock and Christian Klien as well as against current Formula E driver Maro Engel. “But we’ve never gone over the top and blown the whole budget, which is what it might have taken to be a front-runner,” said Lips, remembering the early days. “I’ve also studied for a degree at the same time. That was very important to my mother and I have never fully concentrated on motor racing.” After his time in single-seater racing, he turned to endurance racing and the Renault Clio Cup before finding his way to the ADAC GT Masters. The Super Sports Car League is not his sole area of interest as regards motor racing. He also races in historic motor sport events such as the Le Mans Classic when the schedule allows.

For a second time, Lips tackled the 2016 ADAC GT Masters season partnered by Sven Barth (35, DEU) at RWT Racing and feels comfortable in the outfit managed by Gerd Beisel. “The team are great and they always prepare the car so that it’s in tip-top condition, but we work on a small budget, do no testing and don’t use new tyres in practice either. It’s simply great that we can still do well under the circumstances in such a strong field as in the ADAC GT Masters. The title is great for the team and also for my team-mate, Sven. People don’t really take into account the level of performance that he consistently achieves with this car.”

Sven Barth too has only good things to say about the partnership: “The past two years have been brilliant. Remo enjoys talking all the time just like me. He’s a great guy and has improved terrifically in the course of the season. We realised straightaway that doing well in the overall standings with our old Corvette wouldn’t be easy, but we achieved our main goal of winning the Trophy class.”

Team principal Gerd Beisel also sang Remo’s praises on Sunday at Hockenheim: “We’re very pleased about winning the trophy. The title fight has given him a tremendous boost throughout the season. If all goes well, then Remo will be able to hold his own with every driver at the front of the field, as he proved this year. Working with him these past few years has been great and talks about the coming season are already in progress.”

Source. ADAC GT Masters/Photo. ADAC Motorsport


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