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Andrea Montermini is about to celebrate the 300th race of his career at the 6 Hours of Estoril, last round of the 2016 VdeV GT/Tourism challenge.Andrea Montermini Champion

The Italian former F1 driver and GT champion will reach this important number behind the wheel of the AF Corse Ferrari 458 GT3 shared with teammates Mario Cordoni and Marco Zanuttini, who are still fighting for the championship. The race will be held on Saturday, November 5 at 13:00hrs GMT (14:00hrs in Italy). For the Italian driver from Modena, who claims 28 years of races under the Ferrari brand, the event that will mark his 300th race is expected to be a very demanding commitment given the weather forecast (who are predicting a possible wet race) and the fact that the race will end in the dark right when he will go for the final stint.

Montermini says: “It is not easy for a driver to reach 300 races and, of course, I am very excited and I have to thank my teammates for this special opportunity. After the practice sessions we are confident on a positive result but Saturday will be a very busy day because of the changing weather conditions expected in the qualyfing session and the race”.

Source. ErregiMedia


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