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Gary, last weekend’s event – Motorsport meets Sindelfingen – was a first. How did you like it? And what was your personal highlight?hochzwei_515438_d327474

Gary Paffett: It was a fantastic event, and it was great fun putting on such a great show for all the hard-working colleagues at the plant and their families. It was also nice to meet up with all the drivers there and celebrate as one big family. My personal highlight was, of course, driving the DTM car in front of such a big crowd and allowing them to experience the sound close up.

How will you be spending the Christmas holidays? Will you try to get away from all the hustle and bustle, or do you enjoy it?

Gary Paffett: I’ll be spending a lot of time at home, as I’m on the road for most of the season. That makes it all the nicer for me to have more time with my family over Christmas and after all the hard work to relax and enjoy the festive period. Even if I then have to spend more time in the gym in January to work it off…

What Christmas wish would you like to send to our fans?

Gary Paffett: First of all, I would like to thank all our fans for the huge support they’ve given us this season. It’s been absolutely fantastic. We work very hard in our races to keep you entertained. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope that you come back well refreshed, because next year we’ll be needing all your support and passion as we embark on a new season. I look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Source. Mercedes


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