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ByKOLLES Racing is looking forward to the cooperation with a new engine supplier for the 2017 FIA-world Endurance Championship (WEC) season. The private LMP1-Team based in Greding, Germany, will cooperate with Nismo as engine supplier with immediate effect. The integration of the V6-Turbo Engine, as well as many other improvements to the chassis, bodywork and mechanical parts of the CLM P1/01 are all progressing according to plan.DSC_8981

„Engine supply from Nismo is of great significance to our team“, says ByKOLLES Head of Operations Boris Bermes. „After having to deal with many setbacks in the past due to engine reliability issues, for the 2017 season, we’re expecting a significant improvement in terms of both reliability as well as performance.“

“In our extensively revised CLM P1/01, Nismo Twin-turbo engine will deliver it’s power to the rear axle through the reliable Xtrac gearbox“, explains Boris Bermes. „We’re relentlessly working on numerous additional improvements to our car. As a result of the changes in regulations for 2017, we will be able to make big improvements to both the front and the rear, particularly in aerodynamics. In addition to that, our design engineers have achieved a reduction in weight, and have introduced comprehensive updates to mechanical components. We’re already looking forward to the first tests with our fully revamped CLM P1/01. For this year, we are looking to clearly demonstrate our improvements and continue to develop our CLM P1/01. For the 2018 season, the car will be made available to customers to adapt customer power source and can be ordered as of now.“

Specifications Nismo VRX 30A Evo

Capacity: 3,0 litre

Design: V6 with 60 degree bank angle

Source. ByKOLLES/Photo. John Patterson


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