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Challenging conditions created a unique racing landscape for the Lamborghini Squadra Corse teams and drivers as they entered the evening hours of the Rolex 24 At Daytona.lamborghini-daytona-r1

Wet conditions and poor visibility generated incremental full-course caution periods and left very little room for error in the deep, ultra-competitive GTD class of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

In their first Rolex 24 effort, the No. 11 entry of GRT – Grasser Racing Team, continued to pace the Lamborghini Huracán GT3 fleet. The team cycled through all four drivers and currently maintains seventh position in class.

Just minutes into the eighth hour, the No. 16 of Change Racing went off track at the Bus Stop and made contact with the wall, causing a full-course caution period and forcing the team to retire from competition.

Full-Course Caution Periods: 8
Weather: Sporadic, light rain is expected to continue until approximately 10 a.m.
Current Track conditions: Wet; track temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lamborghini Team/Driver Lineup and Current Running Order after twelve hours:

No. 11 – GRT Grasser Racing Team: P7 in Class
Mirko Bortolotti (Italy) – Starting Driver, Fifth Stint
Ezequiel Perez Companc (Argentina) – Fourth Stint
Christian Engelhart (Germany) – Third Stint
Rolf Ineichen (Switzerland)- Second Stint

No. 16 – Change Racing: Retired
Kaz Grala (United States)
Corey Lewis (United States) – Second Stint
Geert Jeroen Mul (Netherlands) – Starting Driver
Brett Sandberg (United States) – Third Stint

No. 18 – DAC Motorsports: P15 in Class
Emmanuel Anassis (Canada) – Starting Driver, Fifth Stint
Zach Claman (Canada) – Second Stint, Sixth Stint
Brandon Gdovic (United States) – Third Stint
Anthony Massari (United States) – Fourth Stint

No. 21 – Konrad Motorsport: P19 in Class
Marc Basseng (Germany) – Fourth Stint
Franz Konrad (Germany)
Marco Mapelli (Switzerland) – Starting Driver, Sixth Stint
Luca Stolz (Germany) – Third Stint, Fifth Stint
Lance Willsey (United States) – Second Stint

No. 27 – Dream Racing Motorsport: P17 in Class
Lawrence DeGeorge (United States) – Starting Driver, Fourth Stint
Raffaele Giammaria (Italy) – Sixth Stint
Luca Persiani (Italy) – Third Stint, Eighth Stint
Paolo Ruberti (Italy) – Second Stint, Seventh Stint
Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (Monaco) – Fifth Stint, Ninth Stint

No. 46 – EBIMOTORS: P16 in Class
Fabio Babini (Italy) – Second Stint, Fifth Stint, Ninth Stint
Emanuele Busnelli (Italy) – Starting Driver, Sixth Stint
Emmanuel Collard (France) – Fourth Stint, Eighth Stint
Francois Perrodo (Great Britain) – Third Stint, Seventh Stint, Tenth Stint

No. 48 – Paul Miller Racing: P10 in Class
Andrea Caldarelli (Italy) – Fifth Stint, Seventh Stint
Bryce Miller (United States) – Fourth Stint
Bryan Sellers (United States) – Starting Driver
Madison Snow (United States) – Third Stint, Sixth Stint
Dion von Moltke (United States) – Second Stint, Eighth Stint

No. 61 – GRT Grasser Racing Team: P20 in Class
Michele Beretta (Italy) – Third Stint, Fifth Stint
Christian Engelhart (Germany) – Starting Driver
Rolf Ineichen (Switzerland) – Sixth Stint
Roberto Pampanini (Switzerland) – Second Stint, Fourth Stint
Milos Pavlovic (Switzerland) – Seventh Stint

Source. Lamborghini


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