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They are constant and make no mistakes: Rik Breukers, 18-year-old Dutch member of the Lamborghini Young Drivers Program, and Axcil Jefferies, 22-year-old from Zimbabwe with experience in the GP2 Series, won Race 2 and are now the new leaders of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East in the PRO class.start_race2

The second race of the Middle East series for the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeos, held on Saturday, February 18 at the Dubai Autodrome, really started with all the prerequisites for an exciting fight for the top positions: Marco Antonelli started from the pole position and behind him was Rik Breukers. But in the first lap, there was a plot twist: the track, whose conditions were tricky because of the rain fallen before the start, misled Antonelli, who ran off track, ending up immediately out of the race. This gave the opportunity to the duo of the car # 7 of GDL Racing, Breukers and Jefferies, to manage the entire race and score another victory, after that conquered in Race 1 the previous day.

In the PRO class, Breukers and Jefferies are now leading the standings, but they are only one point ahead of the Huracán # 15 of FFF Racing by ACM, driven by the young German female driver Carrie Schreiner and the American Richard Goddard: in Race 2, they repeated the result of Race 1, thus getting a third place overall and second class place.

Also the PRO-AM category sees a new duo leading the standings: Hendrik Still and Paul Scheuschner, behind the wheel of the # 26 of Konrad Motorsport, who scored two first places in his category over the weekend. In Race 2, the PRO-AM podium was conquered by the duo formed by Steven Liquorish and George Richardson (# 47 GDL Racing), while Costantino Bertuzzi and Nigel Farmer finished in third position and they are now second in the standings thanks to an excellent performance in the first round at Abu Dhabi.

Since Antonelli and Roda earned no points during the race, the AM class has now a new leader: Andrew Haryanto (# 71 GDL Racing), who had an really amazing weekend: two second places overall and two first places in the AM class, thanks to a continuous improvement of his performance, session after session. The duo of the team GT3 Poland formed by Teodor Myszkowski and Andrej Lewandowski also achieved excellent results: besides the second place in the AM class, they also obtained a fourth place overall.

In the Lamborghini Cup class, Gabriele Murroni scored another success with the Huracán # 88 of Petri Corse. The Italian driver, at his first racing experience, the Italian driver has made a continuous improvement during the weekend.

Drivers’ quotes

Rik Breukers – GDL Racing #7 (first overall and first in the PRO class): “The track conditions at the start were rather tricky. Initially, I thought I’d push and make some pressure to Antonelli, who then made a mistake. After that I tried to manage the race to leave the car in a good position to Axcil.”

Axcil Jefferies: – GDL Racing #7 (first overall and first in the PRO class): “Today’s race was tough, because during the driver change, we had a problem with the radio. This made us lose a bit of time and the first position. I managed to regain it and did my whole stint without any communication from the pits; but when I saw the checkered flag fall, it was a great satisfaction.”

Hendrik Still – Konrad Motorsport #26 (fifth overall, first in the PRO-AM class): “It was an unbelievable race, perhaps the most beautiful of my life. During my stint, I drove at qualifying pace, in fact I even set the fastest lap in the race and overtook six or seven times. I enjoyed the race and am very satisfied. ”

Paul Scheuschner – Konrad Motorsport #26 (fifth overall, first in the PRO-AM class): “At the start of the race I struggled a bit to find the rhythm, because the track conditions were quite variable. Then, I tried to do my best and Hendrik did the rest with an outstanding stint. ”

Andrew Haryanto – GDL Racing #71 (second overall, first in the AM class): “It’s more than I had expected, it has been an extraordinary weekend. Today I got more and more familiar with the track and the car and pushed really hard. Especially in the second half of the race, when I saw that I could get the second place and managed to overtake the car in front of me.”

Gabriele Murroni – Petri Corse #88 (first in the Lamborghini Cup class): “At the start, it was not going very well, I couldn’t find the right rhythm. But in the second half of the race, when I found myself fighting against other cars, I “turned on” and enjoyed it a lot.”

The third and final round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East will take place on March 2-4 at the Dubai Autodrome, with the GP layout (5.390 m), instead of the International Track (4.290 m)

Source. Lamborghini


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