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Daniel Størkersen from Norway joined Thailand Super Series for its visit to Bangsaen Street circuit last weekend and it proved to be a highly successful weekend for the 17-year-old Norwegian driver. As he demonstrated a lot of pace and ended the weekend with a third and a fourth place finish in Super Compact and a resulting trip to the podium.car

On Friday he was one of 3 drivers that managed to drive the Norway Racing team car from a 23th place from start, up to 14th place when the checkered flag was shown in the 6 hours endurance race in Bangsaen streets. The team felt that this was almost like a victory, since many of the top 10 cars were factory teams. There were 57 cars that started the race. During the race, it was some collisions and red flags. Luckily the team managed the entire race without a single accident.

It could have been a whole lot more, but the factory teams had much faster cars on the long stretches, but Daniel was one of the fastest drivers in the parts of the track where there were more turns. He really showed good driving skills.

The team of 11 engineers and mechanics was led as usual by his driving coach Will Bamber. The whole team did a fantastic job during the whole week.

The week started with practice on Tuesday and Wednesday. Qualifying on Thursday for both the endurance race and the sprint races. On Friday they did the 6 hours endurance race, and the weekend was finalized with sprint races on Saturday and Sunday.

The organizers had done a really good job with the track, and they managed the whole GrandPrix on an extremely professional way. It was several hundred thousand in Bangsaen streets during the week.

This race was the last race for Thailand Super Series for 2016. The 2017 season starts in April. And the goal for the coming season is to be on the podium for all the races.

Daniel Størkersen: “This weekend here in Bangsaen has been one of the best racing experiences that I have ever had. It was so fun to drive on this street circuit, and can’t wait to come back in July.”

Source. Daniel Storkersen and Norway racing


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