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Fran Rueda and Victor Bouveng took their maiden win in the International GT Open, giving the BMW M6 and Teo Martín Motorsport their first success of the season. The Spaniard and the Swede, after taking P5 in Race 1, built strategically their success today.

They preceded the Imperiale Racing Lambo of Vito Postiglione-Andrea Fontana, who clinch their first podium, and the Drivex Mercedes of Marcelo Hahn-Alex Hellmeister, who win in Pro-Am ahead of Cioci-Perazzini (AF Corse Ferrari) and Plachutta-Jäger (Lechner Mercedes). Alex Moiseev-Davide Rizzo impressed again in GT-Am, taking their fourth success in a row.

After the French round, the situation at the top of the standings is closer and closer, with Costa-Frommenwiler still leaders, but with only 3 points over Biagi-Venturini and 4 over Rueda-Bouveng, Ramos-Mac and the Farnbacher brothers.

THE RACE – At the start, Caldarelli keeps the advantage of the pole, in front of Jäger, Cioci, Rueda, Hellmeister, Postiglione, Ledogar, Beirão, Frommenwiler and Ramos. There is some cutting at first chicane, but first laps are quite orderly, except for Ling cutting the Mistral chicane in lap 2. Postiglione has taken 5th from Hellmeister, while Ramos, after passing Frommenwiler is attacking Beirão. There is a contact in lap 5, at last corner, with the Ferrari passing but reporting some body damage and Beirão retiring one lap later, at the same time as Mario Farnbacher withdraws in the pits, with the same steering problems as yesterday.

By lap 10, Caldarelli’s advantage has grown to 5 seconds, with Cioci, Rueda and Postiglione completing a stable top-5. Ramos gets a 10-second penalty for the incident with Beirão. The nicest battle is between Frommenwiler, Biagi, Rizzo and Ling for 9th. While the driver change period is on, there is a contact between Bell and Tappy. Balbiani leads in GT-Am ahead of Rizzo.

After all pit stops, Bouveng passes Fu and takes first, with Fontana in third ahead of Hahn, Plachutta, Perazzini, West, Venturini and Sini. As the Swede increases slightly his advantage, things stabilize, with Hahn third and Perazzini passing Plachutta. The Italian will also pass the Mercedes but lose again half-lap later finishing fourth. Moiseev takes a new success in GT-Am, preceding Hrachowina and Basso.

Source. International GT Open


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