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Eric Van de Vyver, director of V de V Sports, has to react to the false statement released today by Creventics, organizer of the 24H Series, who brags about inaugurating a form of competition imagined more than 15 years ago by his team, and gave birth to the V de V Endurance Series.

“The 24H PROTO SERIES powered by Hankook is the first true endurance series conceived exclusively for prototypes. ” This is how the competitor of the V de V Endurance Series presents his” novelty “, and continues : ” Our series targets amateur drivers whom we want to offer more time on the track on prestigious circuits, all at affordable costs. In this way, we allow them to get to know the world of endurance racing (…). The 24H PROTO SERIES is the world’s first prototype endurance series with 12-hour events on top-level circuits that allow high speeds, which are perfectly suited for this type of racing car. » Then to detail the calendar and the eligible cars: prototypes LMP, CN …

We are witnessing a plagiarism of what our team has been organizing for more than 15 years. At the time, together with the GT, the prototypes of the CN group had their own series since the early 2000s, and races have always been judged on 4, 6, 9, 12 or 24 hours on the tracks as prestigious and fast as those of the Circuit Paul Ricard, Portimao, Barcelona, ​​Spa-Francorchamps … For two years now the cars of the category LMP are also accepted, represented since by many LM P3, for which the V de V meetings were practically an act of a baptism  on a competition track. All these cars, and this is what makes the V de V Endurance Series a success, are entrusted to mostly amateur teams, who see in the disciplines we offer them, a great way to prepare themselves for the biggest endurance races, at the top of which reign the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The epic of the Graff team, 6th of the 2017 edition or IDEC Sport Racing, who participated in the 24H of Le Mans for the first time with the pilots trained in the V de V Sports, are the most recent testimonies of how much our racings help them.

Eric Van de Vyver

Source. Ve De V


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