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At Spa, Mikaël Grenier and Loris Spinelli continued the task started exactly one month ago at Paul Ricard, by taking their second consecutive victory and the third of the season.

In Belgium, the Italian-Canadian duo of Antonelli Motorsport won the first of the two races of the fourth round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe and secured valuable points also for the championship, thus climbing to the third position of the PRO ranking.

This victory was conquered after that Vito Postiglione had been dominating  the early stages of the race. During qualifying, the driver set the fastest lap time of 2’18″768 which allowed him to start from the pole position. The driver of Imperiale Racing remained in the lead despite the fact that, shortly before the pit-stops, the safety car entered and by reassembling the group, it eliminated the advantage he had gained over Grenier, who regained a position on Yuki Nemoto (VS Racing) when the safety car left the track. After the pit-stops, his teammate, Jonathan Cecotto, found himself in third position and Raphael Abbate, after taking over the wheel from Nemoto, took the lead. But the Brazilian driver received a drive-thru penalty for exceeding the speed limit in the pit-lane, which enabled Spinelli (who had took over the wheel from Grenier) to take the lead. Behind him is Cecotto, who during the last laps resisted the attacks of Rik Breukers, who finished third on the car of GDL Racing shared with Axcil Jefferies.

Postiglione and Cecotto conquered their fifth podium in a row, considering the two victories taken at Silverstone and the one scored in Race 1 at Paul Ricard which allowed them to firmly remain in the lead of the standings.

In the PRO-AM, Shota Abkhazava and Kelvin Snoeks (Artline Team Georgia) dominated the race and finished fourth overall. Thanks to the second class place, the line-up of VS Racing formed by Liang Jiatong and Christopher Dreyspring climbed to the top of the standings by taking advantage of the withdrawal of the car driven by Davide Roda and Kikko Galbiati, with the latter coming to this round as a class leader. The lowest step of the podium was instead taken by Paul Scheuschner and Hendrik Still.

The German driver, Philipp Wlazik (Dörr Motorsport ), secured his first victory in the AM category and finished ahead of the class leaders Andrej Lewandowski and Teodor Myszkowski (VS Racing) as well as Pietro Negra (Antonelli Motorsport).

In the Lamborghini Cup, the Colombian Juan Perez took his second consecutive victory with the other Huracán Super Trofeo of Antonelli Motorsport.

The second of the two 50-minute races, with a rolling start and mandatory pit-stop, will kick off tomorrow at 11:20 a.m. CEST and will be available in live streaming on http://squadracorse.lamborghini.com/live-streaming. Spinelli will start from the pole position after setting the fastest time in Q2.


Loris Spinelli/Antonelli Motorsport (1st overall and in the PRO): “Winning at Spa is really special; it was my first time. Concerning the race, my co-driver Grenier did an excellent job at the start by maintaining the second position at all costs. After the pit-stops, we took the lead and remained there till the end. Thanks to this second consecutive success, we managed to regain important points for the championship. I’d like to thank the whole team, which has done an amazing job as usual”.

Shota Abkhazava/Artline Team Georgia (1st in the PRO-AM): “This is my favorite track. Today’s class victory and the fourth place overall are a fantastic result. We couldn’t ask for more”.

Philipp Wlazik/Dörr Motorsport (1st in the AM): “Everything went well and we began with an excellent start. I managed to take the lead, even if the safety car brought all of us closer. But also at the re-start everything went smoothly. It has been a great weekend start for me and my team”.

Juan Perez/Antonelli Motorsport (1st in the Lamborghini Cup): “I’m very happy. The team did a great job. I won on the best track I’ve ever raced on so far”.

Source. Lamborghini


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