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The question is… How long a lifespan does the internal combustion engine have, not only in road cars but in racing too?

We are seeing more manufacturers, like Mercedes and Porsche committing to Formula E. Mercedes will pull out of the DTM Series and Porsche the World Endurance Championship with their LMP1 cars to concentrate on their new Formula E projects.

Does this make Formula E the future, will it effect Formula 1? From what I’ve seen of Formula E the racing looks close, that’s good. But having to change cars half way through a race, not so good.

Formula E has a field of top quality drives, but it lacks the household names like Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton. Perhaps Alonso should give it a try, he did the Indy 500 this year, and surely it has to be better than another season running near the tail of the field in F1.

As time moves on we are sure to see more and more forms of electronic racing starting. How long will it be until the Le Mans 24 Hours race is entirely made up of electric powered cars? While I imagine thats a few years away, I can see it happening.

If you’ve been involved or watched racing as long as I have, the one thing you’ll never get used to is the lack of noise from electric cars. Going back to 1971 I can remember the Lotus 56B gas turbine F1 car, all you really heard was tyre squeal above the turbine as it went round corners. Nothing can replace the sound of a Matra V12 or a Chevy V8. The noise of the engine is part of the excitement of motorsport.

Car manufacturers and governments are now wanting us to go electric, so in time racing has to follow. Of course it will be many years until the the internal combustion engine is a thing of the past.

We at Sportscar Racing News have to move with the times too. So in future we will also cover news about various types of Electric racing.

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