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London’s Motorsport at the Palace, a two-day event celebrating all eras of motoring, returns on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th August 2017 for an August Bank Holiday showdown with over 200 cars spanning over 100 years of motoring expected to be in action.

Held at Crystal Palace, one of the oldest venues used for racing in the world and the first place from which live televised motor-racing was ever broadcast, the event attracts motorsport fans, classic car and bike enthusiasts from around the world.

At the heart of the event is the motorsport. Using parts of the iconic racing circuit that still runs throughout the park, the two-day sprint will showcase racing cars from all eras ranging from prewar leviathans to modern day supercars.

Get up close and personal to a heady mix of metal in the paddock area before watching the cars tear off down the strip in the hope of beating the lap record as the likes of Sir Stirling Moss and James Hunt have done before them.

With around 20 entry classes, ranging from pre-war vintage to modern day, approximately 100 cars will run each day. Cars to look out for include a vintage Bianchi 28/40hp from the turn of the century, a nest full of Wolseley Hornet Specials, to the single seater racers such as a Dempster Ensign KNF3 and Sheane MK1 Formula Vee.

The show field will house hundreds of classic cars and bikes as more than 20 clubs and their members display their pride and joys including the Crystal Palace Street and Sprint Car Club, Morris Minor Owners Club, Fords the Only Way, Stag Owners Club, and Alfa Romeo Owners Club.

Motorsport at the Palace will be held on Sunday 27th to Monday 28th August 2017 over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Source. Newspress/Poppyseed Media/Photo. Peter Collins


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