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A cool, grey day greeted the Ferrari Challenge drivers from North America for race 1.  Championships in all four classes were up for grabs and drivers took advantage of the great driving conditions to put on an excellent show.

Trofeo Pirelli: Championship leader Peter Ludwig (Wide World of Cars) endured a rocky race, perhaps a bit more literally than he would have liked, being forced off into the gravel early on by a hard charging and eventual race winner Wei Lu (Ferrari of Vancouver), and running wide while charging down third placed Martin Fuentes (Ferrari Silicon Valley).  While his championship would have to wait for another day, Wei Lu again claimed victory after a very demonstrative move around the outside of pole sitter Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari Silicon Valley) on the second lap.  Despite two safety car periods, the first midway through to rescue cars involved in an incident, and the second at the very end of the race to retrieve a beached car, Cooper was unable to re-take his position at the front of the field.

Trofeo Pirelli AM:  Marc Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) claimed a hard fought championship over Chris Cagnazzi (Ferrari Long Island), and claimed it in thrilling fashion.  Despite facing race-long pressure from Joel Weinberger’s (Continental Autosports) 488 Challenge car, Marc held firm and claimed victory in his class and established the necessary margin over his chief antagonist, Chris Cagnazzi.  Marc’s win was not without drama, caused again by two safety car periods, which allowed Joel to close the gap and mount his challenge afresh.

 Coppa Shell. Karl Williams (Ferrari Beverly Hills) also solidified his Championship in his second season in Ferrari Challenge.  Aided by consistent and impressive speed, Karl was routinely able to fight with drivers in the Trofeo Pirelli and Trofeo Pirelli AM class, running as high as 4th overall in the race this afternoon.  Again, it was a close call to his chief antagonist, Barry Zekelman (Ferrari of Ontario), who claimed the second step on the podium ahead of Murray Rothlander in third.  Osvaldo Gaio (Miller Motor Cars) also continued his streak of leading the Gentlemen of the group, claiming the Gentleman’s Cup.

 Pirelli 458.  A hard fought season would continue to the final round of the Finali Mondiali, with Joseph Rubbo (Ferrari of Long Island) a scant two points ahead of Naveen Rao (Ferrari of San Diego) going into the weekend.  It was again a brutally competitive race in the class with John Boyd (Ferrari of Denver) ultimately splitting the top championship contenders in the race.  The Ladies Cup was also, again after a dominant season, won by Lisa Clark (Ferrari of Beverly Hills).

Schedule. The final race of the North American season will take place again at Mugello tomorrow, Saturday, at 13:00.


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