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A glorious summer day and a packed paddock greeted drivers upon their arrival to the Mugello circuit on Saturday. While qualifying took place in cooler than normal conditions, the race took place at mid-day, perfectly timed for optimal temperatures and the warming sunshine of the Tuscany region.

Trofeo Pirelli. Peter Ludwig (Wide World of Cars) took the win and the championship in a hotly contested Trofeo Pirelli class, where the championship contenders started line-astern and there was drama from the off. Peter Ludwig and Wei Lu (Ferrari of Vancouver) accelerated as one upon the green lights, down the long run to Turn 1. As they braked and entered the bend, there was nothing between them, but a firm move, and a bit of contact, from Peter Ludwig established his position as the leader, while Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Beverley Hills) followed in third. As the race progressed, Peter developed a significant lead whiel Cooper did everything he could to claim second position. A safety car briefly brought the pack back together, but ultimately it was a new line found by Wei and degrading tires on Peter’s car that brought the drama to a fitting conclusion. Knowing that this was for the championship (if Wei won the race, he would certainly take the championship), Peter defended sternly and thankfully was rescued by the checkered flag, thirty minutes later.

Trofeo Pirelli AM. Marc Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) again took victory in the Trofeo Pirelli AM category, beating out his chief championship rival, Chris Cagnazzi (Ferrari of Long Island). Brent Holden (Ferrari of Newport Beach) returned to the podium after a long absence, with a strong gap of six seconds over the fourth placed car.

Coppa Shell. Karl Williams (Ferrari Beverly Hills) took his second victory of the weekend in the Coppa Shell class, beating all of even the Trofeo Pirelli AM drivers in the overall results, ahead of Barry Zekelman (Ferrari of Long Island). Rounding out the podium was Dave Musial (Lake Forest Sportscars). While the podium was a fairly straightforward affair, it was further back in the Coppa Shell field where we saw the most action of the day. Michael Fassbender (Ferrari North America) made contact with Osvaldo Gaio (Miller Motorcars) on the entry to one of Mugello’s many chicanes. Osvaldo made a lunge to the inside, and was unfortunately in Michael’s blind spot. The two collided, and in the process of getting back onto the track, Osvaldo collected Joel Weinberger (Continental Autosports) leading to the only safety car of the race.

Pirelli 458. Joseph Rubbo (Ferrari of Long Island) claimed the 458 EVO Championship after a smartly run race where he stayed immediately behind his only rival, Naveen Rao (Ferrari of San Diego) for the duration of the thirty minute race. Knowing that a second place to Naveen’s first would clinch the championship, Joseph never put a wheel wrong and stayed right in Naveens wheel tracks, a challenge that was complicated by the faster 488 Challenge cars coming through their private battle. In the end, there was nothing to be done, Naveen took home the victory, but Joseph Rubbo took home the championship. John Boyd (Ferrari of Denver) completed the podium positions in third.

Schedule. The Finali Mondiali will take place on Sunday, with each class taking part in its own race. Track action begins at 9:00.

Source. Ferrari


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