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Winter is coming and Super GT is drawing the curtains on its 2017 season this weekend at Motegi Twin Ring. Its been a tough and long season for Lyons and Team Hitotsuyama. Plagued by a lethal cocktail of mechanical problems, electrical issues and large doses of bad luck, Lyons has had precious little chance to score points and show the pace that made the team so competitive last season. Nestling
into the small town of Motegi, this 4.8KM track is famous for its stop start style of layout and a striking lack of elevation, Lyons will be hoping that the cornering and breaking abilities of the R8 come to the forefront and that the team finishes on the high note they deserve after a tough 2017 campaign.

Richard Lyons:

“This season draws to a close, and so far there’s been little to jump up and down about. However at the last round in Thailand, we were able to take our first pole position and I managed to dominate the first part of the race until Engine problems forced us into retirement.

Last year saw our team take its first ever Super GT win at Motegi, so all things considered history might be on our side and we should be in the fight for a podium finish. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that for once this year we get even a little bit of luck come race day!”.

Source. Richard Lyons Racing


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