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The ADAC GT Masters contested its eleventh season in 2017. We review the stats, looking back on the history of the Super Sports Car League since its inaugural year in 2007.

– Sebastian Asch is the only driver to have won the title twice, becoming champion in 2012 and 2015. Some 18 drivers in all have won the title

– This year’s champion, Jules Gounon, is the first sole winner of the ADAC GT Masters title since 2009. Previous sole winners took the championship in 2007 and 2008

– Kelvin van der Linde is the youngest champion, race winner and pole-setter in the history of the ADAC GT Masters. The South African was 17/18 when he set these records in 2014

– Daniel Keilwitz has racked up the most race wins with 19 successes. The Corvette driver also holds the record for the most victories within a single year, winning six times in 2014

– With nine wins to his name, Christian Engelhart is the driver who has achieved the most success without having become champion

– The biggest lead ever racked up by a pair of winners was by Albert von Thurn and Taxis & Christopher Haase when they won Sunday’s rain-hit race at Assen in 2008 by 55.285 seconds

– So far, two lady drivers have won races in the ADAC GT Masters. Claudia Hürtgen has won seven times, Rahel Frey twice

– The only female to win a title so far has been Danish driver Christina Nielsen, who, strangely, won the Gentleman class in 2013 which is now the Trophy category for amateur drivers

– Brothers have shared the same car several times in a race. Ferdinand and Johannes Stuck have been the most successful sibling pairing, securing four victories in 2011. Jörg and Tim Bergmeister, who went on to become champion, triumphed twice together in 2008

– So far, a single pair of drivers has managed to make a clean sweep of both races held over the weekend 17 times

– Frank Kechele is the Pole King, having lined up nine times on pole for a race

– The fastest lap ever driven so far in the ADAC GT Masters was posted by Bernd Schneider in qualifying for the second race at Spa in 2015. The DTM record-breaking champion drove at an average speed of exactly 182 km/h on his pole lap

– The front-engined sports cars is the most successful vehicle design in the ADAC GT Masters to date with 70 wins. Mid-engine cars were successful 66 times, the rear-engine Porsche 13 times.

– However, it’s a tie, five all, where title wins are concerned with drivers of front/rear-engine cars winning an equal number of times. Porsche became champions once with a rear-engine 911 driven by Tim Bergmeister in 2008

– The fastest race to date took place this year on Sunday at the Red Bull Ring where the winners, the Lamborghini pairing of Rolf Ineichen & Christian Engelhart, achieved an average speed of 170.9 km/h.

– Callaway Competition are the most successful team to date with 27 race wins, 24 pole positions, two drivers’ and two team titles. The team have not missed a race so far since 2007

– 37 different teams have won races in the ADAC GT Masters

– With 31 wins, Audi are the most successful brand in the ADAC GT Masters, followed by Corvette (29) and Lamborghini (27)

– Since 2007, the ADAC GT Masters has held 81 race weekends with a total of 162 races

– Sebastian Asch has contested a record number of races, 135 in all. Other drivers, who have notched up more than 100 starts include Luca Ludwig (115), Toni Seiler (113), Daniel Keilwitz (110), Philipp Geipel (104) and Christopher Mies (100)

– Swiss driver Ricardo Feller is the youngest ever participant. He was just 16 years 10 months and 29 days old at the season opener in 2017

– So far, the ADAC GT Masters has raced on twelve different racetracks. Most races were held at Oschersleben and at the Nürburgring (26 each)

– Four race tracks – Oschersleben, the Nürburgring, the Lausitzring and the Sachsenring – have regularly appeared each season on the calendar of the Super Sports Car League

– The greatest number of entrants raced at Oschersleben and at the Nürburgring in 2012 when 40 cars competed

2018 ADAC GT Masters Calendar

13/04/18 – 15/04/18 Motorsport Arena Oschersleben

27/04/18 – 29/04/18 Autodrom Most (CZ)

08/06/18 – 10/06/18 Red Bull Ring (AUT)

03/08/18 – 05/08/18 Nürburgring

17/08/18 – 19/08/18 Circuit Zandvoort (NL)

07/09/18 – 09/09/18 Sachsenring

21/09/18 – 23/09/18 Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg

Source. ADAC GT Masters/Photo. ADAC Motorsport


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