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Brazilian Khodair managed to break GT3 qualifying record at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya last week. He and his teammate Marcelo Hahn expect to continue dominating form at Circuit Paul Ricard with their Drivex Mercedes AMG GT3.

You approach your second season in the International GT Open with Drivex and the Mercedes AMG GT3, what is different in comparison with 2017?

“After a first year meeting with a new team, new car and new championship, everything tends to flow better. The match is already higher with the previous three items mentioned and we are more prepared for the championship.”

How difficult was discover almost every track during race weekends last year?

“I already knew some circuits, but Marcelo did not. The biggest challenge was to develop him because in this championship model, we are one. In Barcelona’s Winter Test, ​​he already felt very confident with the situation of already being there and made an excellent improvement.”

You broke the pole position record in Barcelona only a few days ago. Is it a morale booster for a driver? Explain us, please, teamwork on this regard.

“I’ve been through a lot of teams around the world, but Drivex surprised me with the harmony of work, focus and professionalism. Besides great people in there. Surely this winter test was a motivating start for us. We improve almost 1.5 seconds in developments. Really looking forward to next race days.”

How do you expect Paul Ricard’s Winter Series to be?

“Focused on maintaining this performance of our car and knowing more details about our Mercedes.”

Tell us about your work with Marcelo. How do you work with him to improve quicker?

“We’ve competed together for ten years and every year he gets better. The best of him is that he never gives up. He listens, absorbs and goes to the track to get. He hates to lose and is in his best performance. I really want to help him get this International GT Open’s Pro-Am title with our partner Alan Hellmeister. Unfortunately I won’t participate in three races. He’s prepared for it!”

Source. Drivex/Photo. John Patterson


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