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Spaniard Tutumlu delivered another strong performance despite his Silverstone 12-hour race came to an early end following clutch issues in his Car Collection Motorsport Audi R8 LMS. Tutumlu took the A6 Am lead both days kept in battling with factory drivers of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche such as Matteo Malucelli, Rik Breukers and Robert Renauer.

Isaac Tutumlu couldn’t finish the Silverstone 12h race, second event of the 24H GT Series, but Spaniard’s performance highlighted his talent and showed excellent form in GT3 racing. Tutumlu, teaming up with Aly Çapan, Dimitri Parhofer and Jason Baker in a Car Collection Motorsport-entered Audi R8 LMS, set the pace both race days in A6 Am class and overall.

On Friday, Tutumlu and his teammates clocked the 6th-fastest time in class with a lap of 2:05.248. Despite this, they got cancelled their best effort – a lap of Tututmlu a mere tenth of a second slower than pole position time- due to track limits even when the on-board camera had proved not to be the case. The first 5-hour part of the race on Friday saw Tutumlu storming into the A6 Am lead and fifth overall from 12th on the grid. Later in the race, one of his teammates spun and lost two laps but Car Collection still remained second in class and 8th overall. With still seven hours remaining on Saturday, Tutumlu completed another opening double stint to put his Audi into a commanding lead overtaking factory drivers such as Rik Breukers, Matteo Malucelli or Robert Renauer and was the fastest car on track once again. Unfortunately clutch issues forced Car Collection Motorsport to retire the car from the race with one hour to go.

“It was a challenging race with cold, changeable weather and it resulted in making mistakes quite easily. Despite we couldn’t make it to the finish, there were some excellent moments as my charges for the lead both days with two strong double stints. I was able to set the pace among GT3 contenders and it was incredible to fight with such competitive drivers like Malucelli, Renauer, Lukas or Breukers. I’m really looking forward to our next race!” said Tutumlu.

Source. CTR Press/Photo. John Patterson


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