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Ferrari monopolised the podium in both races of the Road to Le Mans, the third event in which the winner qualifies for the 24 Hours of 2019. The first race, held on Thursday, saw Marco Cioci and Piergiuseppe Perazzini triumph at the wheel of the 488 GT3 of AF Corse, while Saturday’s outing was won by the Italian team’s other car, the no. 51 of Christoph Ulrich and Maurizio Mediani. 

Race-1. On Thursday, Ferrari beat the competition taking the top six positions. As mentioned, victory went to Marco Cioci and Piergiuseppe Perazzini who finished several seconds ahead of two of the three Kessel Racing cars, the no. 8 of Sergio Pianezzola and Giacomo Piccini and the no. 77 of Claudio Schiavoni and Andrea Piccini. Then came the Ferraris of Louis-Philippe Soenen and Fred Vervisch (Spirit of Race no. 54), Christoph Ulrich and Maurizio Mediani (Spirit of Race no. 51), and John Hartshorne and Oliver Hancock (Kessel Racing no. 50).

Race-2. The second race kicked off a few hours before the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Sergio Pianezzola lost control of his 488 GT3 and hit car no. 71 with Marco Cioci at the wheel. However, Ferrari’s supremacy wasn’t even dented by this crash as the 488 GT3 of Ulrich-Mediani took first place. Second and third went to the Kessel Racing cars driven by Schiavoni-Piccini and Hartshorne-Hancock. Soenen-Vervisch finished fourth.

Source. Ferrari


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