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Allam Khodair and Marcelo Hahn took their maiden overall win today in Race 2 at the Hungaroring, at the wheel of the drivex Mercedes AMG. The Brazilian Pro-Am pair perfectly mastered the race, with Khodair setting pole position and leading throughout the first stint, and Hahn keeping everything under control in the second stint, to beat the Lambo Huracans of Rik Breukers-Riccardo Agostini (Imperiale Racing) and Edoardo Liberati-Kang Ling (VSR).

Today’s success puts Marcelo Hahn in 3rd position in the Pro-Am standings, where class leaders Ramos-Crestani (Lazarus Lambo) grabbed some useful points.

The situation is unchanged at the top of the overall standings, as the top two contenders were not among the front-runners. Mikkel Mac (Luzich Racing Ferrari) had to retire and the Teo Martín BMW of Fran Rueda-Andrés Saravia finished 6th. PierGuidi and Rueda had a contact in the initial phases. Ten points separe now the two contenders.

Giulio Borlenghi and Andrzej Lewandowski (VSR Lambo) took their third Am win of the season, extending their lead in the class standings.

THE RACE – At the start, poleman Khodair keeps the advantage while Serra passes Breukers at turn 1, just to get in contact a couple of corners later, having to let past Pier Guidi and Rueda. Liberati is 6th ahead of Ellis, Di Amato, Giammaria and Perel, while Mikulasko hits Marques at the end of lap 1. In lap 2, Costantini, following an apparent mechanical failure, spins collecting Jedlinski. The safety-car is out, which wipes out the 2”7 advantage that Khodair had already built. Cipriani is also in the pits with ) damage in the front. In lap 5, the races resumes with big fight between Rueda and Serra for P4 ahead of Liberati and Ellis. Di Amato and Giammaria get in contact, with the RS Ferrari losing some positions. Khodair pulls away again in front of Breukers, with Pier Guidi third, while Beirão retires in the pits.

Driver changes start in lap 13; after all pit stops, Hahn leads with 11.5 seconds on Agostini, who heads a compact group including Ling, Liang, Fioravanti, Mul and Saravia. Further aback Wilkinson, West and Liusowski, while Borlenghi leads in Am. Shortly after, Fioravanti and Mul pass Liang, while the Luzich Frrari #51 receives a drive-through for an earlier infringement during the restart procedure. There is also a drive-through for the two Lazarus Lambos and the SPS Mercedes for overtaking under yellow. Mac retires in lap 25, with a bent exhaust resulting from contact at the start. One lap later, Saravia and West pass Liang.

The final laps are thrilling as Agostini reduces the gap from Hahn, but he will not be in a position to attack him, and the Brazilian wins the race. Ling keeps third ahead of Fioravanti, Mul, Saravia, West and Liang, who resists to the assault of Lisowski, with Wilkinson completing the top 10. Borlenghi takes the Am class ahead of Coimbra and Konrad.

Source. Imternationl GT Open


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