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TeamTGM executed a near perfect weekend to earn the team its first career win with an outstanding run to victory at Lime Rock Park on Saturday. The triumph was the first win in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge competition for the Mercedes-AMG GT4.

The two-hour showdown at the “Bullring” was set under sunny skies and cool temperatures to make for the perfect ingredients for a solid result.

Starting on the front row, Owen Trinkler (No. 46 Jayne Koskinas Ted Giovanis (JKTG) Foundation / Camp Boggy Creek Mercedes-AMG GT4) took the controls, driving a clean stint. Showing his speed and smarts, Trinkler managed the difficult traffic in the three class race around the 1.5-mile track to hold second place before pitting on lap 50.

Doing what they do best, the TeamTGM pit crew were quick to act as Trinkler pitted and Hugh Plumb took over, as the JKTG Foundation car once again benefitted from the outstanding team work on pit lane from the TeamTGM squad. With a hooked up Mercedes-AMG, Plumb took to action and made the pass for the lead on lap 61. From there on out, Plumb extended his lead to a high of 8-seconds and ran away with the win after 114 laps of racing.

“It is awesome to get the team’s first win,” said Trinkler, who also celebrated his first win at Lime Rock Park. “I am so happy for Ted (Giovanis). It’s unbelievable after everything we have been through. It’s the first win for AMG and the first win for this team. We just rolled off the truck so good here and had a good feeling about this race. Hugh (Plumb) and I both love this place. We have such a good driver pairing and Joe (Varde) on the box makes great calls. We have the best boys in the business with this pit crew. They made it happen today and leap frogged us into the lead. The car was just so good today.”

Plumb, who closed out the race, couldn’t thank his team enough for the constant effort that was put on display this weekend.

“At the end of the day, none of this could be possible without Ted (Giovanis),” said Plumb. “He is a wise man and the group he has put together is just a stellar backdrop for what I needed to do. With a little bit of luck and the effort from the team, we are able to get to victory lane.”

The sister car of Ted Giovanis and Guy Cosmo (No. 4 JKTG Foundation / Camp Boggy Creek Mercedes-AMG GT4) continued to build on the season of progress. Giovanis raced the opening stage of the race before turning the car over to Cosmo, who fought until the very final laps to claim a 12th place finish, gaining seven positions from the start of the race.

“We were in the grass and in the dirt, over the curbs and the car was just hooked up,” said Cosmo. “This was just our race. Joe (Varde) and the TGM boys just absolutely nailed the set up. We had the cars to win. It was a great day and I am so happy and proud of Ted (Giovanis). This has been a long journey for this team to evolve to this point and every step, decision, or move we have made has gotten these guys here. This team deserves it and I am so happy for them.”

Giovanis, who serves as driver and team owner, is thrilled of the performance of his team and crew to put together a perfect race that resulted in the season-long dedication of the team.

“It turned out to be a perfect day,” said Giovanis of the team’s effort. “Everything went really well. Owen (Trinkler) did a great job in the first stint, keeping the car clean and in the right position. When it came down to the pit stops the guys did a great job and it really came together nicely. During the stops we were able to pick up a spot. Hugh (Plumb) drove a great race and doing his stint. It really is just a great day.”

The team is looking forward to riding this momentum into the next IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race weekend at Road America on August 3rd -5th.

Source. Sunday Group


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