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After sixty minutes of exciting on-track action, it was Porsche drivers Nicolas Schöll and Rob Severs (#43 Allied Racing) who took a commanding victory in Zandvoort. In the Am Cup class, Polish driver Maciej Marcinkiewicz (#7 eSky WP Racing Team #7) secured the class win and finished third overall.

Nicolas Schöll had already taken pole in qualifying on Saturday morning with a fastest lap time of 1:46.283, and the Austrian converted this advantage into a solid lead after an excellent start to the race. Schöll handed over his Porsche Cayman GT4 CS MR to teammate Rob Severs at the midway point of the race, and Severs brought the car home for a comfortable win.

Nicolas Vandierendonck and Bas Schouten, making a guest appearance at Zandvoort this weekend, finished in second position behind the Austrian-Dutch driver pairing in the #30 SRT Selleslagh Racing machine. Third place went to Marylin Niederhauser and Lenny Marioneck (#26 Reiter Engineering). The KTM drivers put together an excellent recovery drive after starting the race from the midfield and were rewarded for their efforts with a podium in the Pro-AM Cup.

Honours went to Maciej Marcinkiewicz in a hard-fought race in the Am Cup class. The Polish driver converted his pole position into a well-earned victory in his Maserati Gran Turismo MC GT4. Despite being hampered by the absence of teammate Lukasz Kreski due to a shoulder injury, Marcinkiewicz was still able to take the victory after a fantastic solo performance.

Austrian Freddy Fast (#48 Lechner Racing) also put together an excellent solo drive to finish second in the Am Cup class in his Mercedes AMG GT4. Romy Dall’Antonia and Guiseppe Fascicolo (#77 Scuderia Villorba Corse) rounded out the podium in third position.

The best starting point for the title in the Pro-AM Cup is Marylin Niederhauser. But their fellow drivers Benjamin Mazatis and Ilmari Korpivaara and Porsche driver Rob Severs follow the Swiss all with a gap of five points. But also David Klar (Reiter Engineering # 23) still has a real chance for the title with 20 points behind.

In the AM Cup, the Maserati duo Romy Dall`Antonia and Giuseppe Fascicolo is also after the penultimate round of the season at the top of the table. However, the Italians can not rest on it. Because the pole setter for the Sunday race, Maciej Marcinkiewicz, follows them with four points distance. However, Dall`Antonia / Fascicolo must also have Ivan Vlachkov on the score, which follows with a distance of fifteen points.

A similarly open image is also evident in the team championship. With the Scuderia Villorba Corse, the eSky WP Racing Team and the team of Sofia Motorsport still three teams have the opportunity to win.

Driver quotess

Nicolas Schöll, #43 Allied Racing: “I started the race really well and built a gap to the rest of the field after just two laps. From this point on I implemented my plan for the race and tried to establish as large a lead as possible. I was able to hand over the car to my teammate Rob with a significant lead. He did a great job bringing the Porsche home. Our focal point tomorrow is definitely on trying to get secure another win and with it the championship for Rob, myself and the team.”

Lenny Marioneck, #26 Reiter Engineering: “That was a action-packed race! There was so much going on during my stint. I made contact with other cars, and then a Maserati forced me off the track, which cost me a lot of time. All in all I think we can be happy with our podium finish. The car that finished in second was making a guest appearance, so we took points for a second-place position. These points are hugely important for Marylin, who is fighting for the championship. I hope we can convert our pole position tomorrow into a strong race result.”

Maciej Marcinkiewicz, #7 eSky WP Racing Team: “It was a tough race for me today. I got away well at the start, but then a Porsche driver made contact with me in turn three. I lost my position as a result and had to fight back to recover it. I took over the lead in the Am Cup class after my pit stop, but then I had tyre wear to contend with because I had fought my way back through the field earlier on.”


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