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The Spaniard is back in action this weekend with the second venue of the GT Cup Open taking place at Spa-Francorchamps. Salom feels extremely motivated ahead of the Belgian venue as he has prepared physical and mentally better than ever this round, including many hours on the Teo Martín Motorsport’s simulator.

Faust Salom faces another exciting challenge in the GT Cup Open as the second round of the championship will take place this weekend with the Spaniard driving the Teo Martín Motorsport’s McLaren 570S once again. The rollercoaster in the Belgian Ardennes is one of the most famous and iconic race tracks all around the world. Despite Salom and his fellow countryman Guillem Pujeu couldn’t meet their goals in Le Castellet, which hosted the season opener, the young ace already showed excellent pace finishing second in the Siver-rated drivers’ class and made it into the top ten in both races.

But from then on, Teo Martín Motorsport and their drivers have worked restlessly to improve for the upcoming events of the season and expect to make a good start at Spa-Francorchamps. As Salom himself explains “I have spent countless hours on the simulator to put as much experience as possible ahead of Spa-Francorchamps. It’s a long-awaited event for me, because this circuit is a dream coming true and I’m looking forward to making my debut. Probably I’ve never prepared another race in my racing career in such detail. My motivation is huge coming into the weekend. I have trained hard physical and mentally because I want to give my best.” The Spanish driver adds “we didn’t manage to achieve our goals in Le Castellet, and it wasn’t exactly the start we were expecting for. Teo Martín Motorsport is putting a huge effort to improve the car, so we expect a turning point in Belgium. Our goal is to become podium contenders. We feel convinced that Spa-Francorchamps will be another completely chapter but we need to prove it on the track. Finally, I would like to thank to Teo Martín, my family, friends and fans for their support. A big thanks to my sponsors as well, because they are also playing a key role to have such a competitive Pan-European programme with McLaren!”

Saturday’s race 1 will take place at 14.40 and Sunday’s race at 12.50.

Source. CTR Press


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