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Following both qualifying sessions of Thursday and after scrutineering, #28 Oreca07 will start the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans in LMP2 pole position.

Last night at the end of Qualifying 3, TDS Racing was already very happy to have set their first FIA WEC pole position, since Graff on pole then, does not take part in the FIA WEC Championship. But the final classification came out later in the night, mentioning the #39Graff disqualification of Q3 because of a regulation infringement.

“We had the same problem last year” said Xavier Combet TDS team manager. “It’s never nice to be penalized, but regulation is regulation.”

“This pole position is a true reflect of the great work done by the team since a long time. Everyone knows that the 24 Hours do not start on the race week, but much longer before. It shows that the team is constant and competitive since it started in LMP2 and we have shown that we were able to be up front several times. Of course the pole position is only a small part of the race, but it’s nice to have it. Now, our engineers and mechanics are working on the car to fine tune it, in order to be ready and competitive for the race. Thank you to all of them as well as to our drivers for their hard work and great motivation.”

François Perrodo: “I am very happy to have the pole position, even if everyone knows that it’s just a little part of the job in a 24-hour race, it’s still a very nice feeling. As he did last year, Loïc set the fastest LMP2 time even with a yellow flag at the end which made him loose some time. So we were somewhat frustrated last night, but now, since we had the same problem last year, it shows that we deserve to be up front. Anyway, it also show that you need to remain alert all the way to the end.”

The 24 Hours of Le Mans will start on Saturday at 3:00pm

Source. Mapidu Media /Photo. Clément Marin


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