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Race Notes:

The No. 63 WeatherTech Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo was third in the GTD class to start the third six hours.

The third six hours driver order: Toni Vilander (double stint), Cooper MacNeil (double stint), Jeff Westphal (double stint), and Toni Vilander (double stint).

Team performed a brake change on lap 520 under green flag conditions, which put the No. 63 Ferrari two laps down to the GTD class leader.

Cooper MacNeil (double stint)
“Honestly, Daytona you never know what to expect, everything around the next corner is a mystery. When I was out there, there was sand everywhere from sandbags because somebody went off just outside of Turn 5. Looks like they took out one of my WeatherTech signs which made me a little upset while driving. A few of the drivers out there are driving like it’s the last lap of the race, so you have to be wary of them and give them the right of way because there’s no point in fighting with nine plus hours to go. I just tried to hit my marks, not a put a wheel off, no contact. I think we did a good job of that so far, but we have a lot of time left and a lot can happen. My job is done. My drive time is done. So, it’s up to the other three to take it from here and we’ll see where we end up. I think our car is pretty strong, but we don’t seem to have the pace of other cars. However, we’re consistent so we will see where that consistency leads us.”

Jeff Westphal (double stint)
“It has been a long night without any yellows. We just did our brake job and it took us about three minutes for new front brakes, which sent us down a lap. Our pace has been better at night as the handling got a little better, but we are still struggling with the rear a little. It is less than it was. We really have to take care of the rear tires at the beginning. If we don’t, it really hurts us at the end of the stint.”

Source. Kyle Chura/WeatherTech Racing


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