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Race Notes:

The No. 63 WeatherTech Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo was second in the GTD class to start the second six hours.

The second six hours driver order: Cooper MacNeil (double stint), Jeff Westphal (triple stint), Alessandro Balzan (double stint), and Toni Vilander (double stint)

The team double stinted tires during Westphal’s and Balzan’s stints. This saw the team run as high as second and as low as sixth during this time.

Jeff Westphal (triple stint)

“We were able to stretch a set of tires, which was good strategy. It was just the way the cards fell. We knew it was an option. We had to be ready for it. We prepped accordingly. I was able to be fairly consistent. I would have liked to have seen a little more pace out of myself. But, due to the conditions and what I think everybody else was doing, we’re right there. We’re in the top five, which is good. But, we still have a long way to go. The car is good and I’m confident in my teammates.

“This time of night brings a few different challenges. One challenge is lack of visibility, which is the same as it is just as soon as it goes dark. The later we get [into the night], the more tired everyone gets. We just had the fireworks go off at the end of my third stint, which put firework debris on the track. There was smoke in the brake zone into the Bus Stop, which made it challenging to find the right brake point a couple of times. Other than that, you try to stay away from all of the crazies. You don’t want to get caught up in someone else’s mess.”

Alessandro Balzan (double stint)

“We didn’t push the car during my stint because we double stinted the tires. So, I did an hour and half on the same tires. This was great because I don’t think we’ll have to do that anymore. Of course, it was so hard to stay on the track. It was great strategy by WeatherTech Racing and Scuderia Corsa. The car actually handled better than before [in his earlier stint]. Toni [Vilander] looks really fast and we’re not even halfway through the race. The car is looking good.”

Source. Kyle Chura/WeatherTech Racing


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