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B-Quik Racing is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Absolute Racing focused on the Thai market and in particular centred on Thailand Super Series 2020 (TSS”) which will further strengthen, leverage and formalise the already close ties the two teams have enjoyed over recent seasons. B-Quik Absolute Racing, as the new merged entity will be called, will commence at the Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix where it will enter three Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evos MY2019 in the supporting TSS round.

This repositioning is an entirely logical progression thats builds on last year and sets us up for the long-term future. As such it proved quite straightforward to put together.

B-Quik Racing has benefited from technical, engineering and logistical support from Absolute Racing during the past five seasons, culminating in a hugely rewarding 2019 season for the team that netted all three titles in Thailands premier racing category, Super Car GT3, namely, GT3 Teams, GT3 Drivers Overall and GT3 Am.

That unprecedented clean sweep’ for B-Quik Racing followed the implementation of key technical and operational upgrades for the 2019 season, and the instant rewards they brought more than exceeded the teams objectives for the season.

We benefitted in particular from Absolute Racings engineering and technical knowledge and support as we entered a brace of brand-new MY2019 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo racecars for the first time. Key also to the last season was further support from Audi Sport customer racing Asia.

Based on the progression of the 2019 season it is now logical for B-Quik Racing to further leverage support from Absolute Racing as we approach Super Car GT3 2020 through developing a clearly defined strategy that will see the two teams integrating operations for Thailand to form a new entity, B-Quik Absolute Racing. The team will be entirely focused on Super Car GT3.

We believe that we cannot take any of last years success for granted and we have to continue building and raising our game to the next level to keep winning in this highly competitive area. Joining up the dots between B-Quik Racing, a leading professional motorsport team in Thailand, and Absolute Racing, an Asian and global sportscar racing powerhouse, represents the best possible way for us to optimise our challenge for Super Car GT3 this year.

Aside from supporting our own in-house entries, B-Quik Absolute Racing will also provide an optimised package for customers to race in Super Car GT3 with the MY2019 Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo as the new team will be able to provide cars and a technical platform that will allow drivers to confidently aim to win races and chase titles. We expect to grow our customer driver roster in 2020 as TSS is the premier sportscar championship in South East Asia and provides the most cost-effective racing available in the region. The addition of the inaugural F1 Vietnam Grand Prix in the TSS calendar has further raised the profile of the Thai series and we envision more drivers joining in 2020.

To support B-Quik Absolute Racing a new purpose designed and built 600 sq. m. raceshop is now under construction in Bangkok.

For the opening round of TSS 2020, to be held in Hanoi, B-Quik Absolute Racing will enter three Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evos with the full driver line-up, a mix of professional and amateur drivers, set to be announced closer to the event.

B-Quik Racing has always drawn the core of its technical staff from B-Quik Co. Ltd., Thailands leading aftermarket servicing chain with 161 service centres nationwide. B-Quik is the teams Main Sponsor. With more than 3,500 technicians on the B-Quik roster we have cherry picked the most promising to train and join the team. That has been a win-win situation as the staff chosen raise their skills platform to the extreme levels required to win in motorsport, the need for teamwork, absolute perfection, split second timing and judgement, and the complete focus on safety thats required, and they take those metrics back with into their day jobs, allowing them to filter into B-Quik where professionalism and the highest levels of customer service are the bedrocks of success.

B-Quik Absolute Racing will continue to be underpinned by B-Quik technicians but, further, training will be taken to the next level as race team technicians will join Absolute Racing in other motorsport operations around Asia to increase their training and skill levels. From this new strategy we aim create a roster of world class level technicians which will be a necessity as B-Quik Absolute Racing evolves in all areas.

B-Quik Absolute Racing will be entirely focused on GT3 category level operations, B-Quik Racing will continue to enter cars in Super Car GTM and the B-Quik Junior Programme will be unaffected by these new changes.

Henk Kiks (Managing Director, B-Quik Racing): Were looking forward to formally joining forces with Absolute Racing for Thailand Super Series and I believe this will give us the best possible platform for us to defend our titles and support customers during what promises to be a tough and exciting year ahead on track. We introduced big changes and upgrades to the team for 2019 to support a real crack at the titles and that paid off superbly so this next step completes the jigsaw and sets us up for the future. We’ve enjoyed a long and successfully relationship with Ingo, Fabien and all the team at Absolute Racing, both in terms of technical support and as friends, so it’s a win-win for us to cement our partnership and now we can focus on winning this year.”

Ingo Matter (Team Director, Absolute Racing): We are very pleased to move our partnership with B-Quik Racing to the next level. We have been enjoying tremendous success together in the TSS, and this renewed alliance will strengthen our campaign in the series. At the same time a new workshop will be setup in association with B-Quik Racing and will help us to assist our customers in the region. We are confident in providing our partners and customers with technical services that will fully satisfy their expectations, especially with regard to the quality of workmanship, support, flexibility, availability, cost effectiveness and results.”

Source. FastTrack Media


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