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The REBELLION R-13 car N. 1 is getting ready for the World Endurance Championship after two months off. After Bahrain last December, Austin’s legendary Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) will host the fifth race of the season.

Bruno Senna and Norman Nato will be keen to give everything alongside Gustavo Menezes who will compete in his home race.

Alexandre Pesci, President and Owner of REBELLION Racing

“Following the announcement of the end of our motorsport program and our third place in Bahrain last December, we want to achieve a memorable race for this edition of COTA which we hope to win.”

Bruno Senna, R-13 N. 1 driver

“After a long break since Bahrain, we are looking forward to getting back in the REBELLION R-13 car. We have been quite strong in the last couple of races. Unfortunately, we did not get the result in Bahrain what we deserved. We are looking forward to COTA that we all enjoy. It will be Gustavo’s home race so we are going to have a lot of fun. I can not wait to get back in the car, push hard and try to go for another win.”

Gustavo Menezes, R-13 N. 1 driver

“We have a very competitive car right now. I think the Success Handicap will make this race very interesting. It is a home race for me, it is something special to be in this circuit with Bruno and Norman. It is going to be magical, we are going to push very hard and continue fighting in the classification with Toyota for the World Endurance Championship. Hopefully, we can bring them a challenge and have a best opportunity to fight for the title before Le Mans.”

Norman Nato, R-13 N. 1 driver

“It will be great to get back in the car after two months off! I can’t wait to drive on this circuit which I really appreciate, it should suit us well. We will all be ready to start 2020 in the best possible way.”

Source. Rebellion Racing


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