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Henrique Chaves will begin the International GT Open season at the Hungaroring, Hungary, and pretends to start in way that allows him to celebrate at November.

In an atypical year, the GT Sport competition will start in the Hungarian circuit, after a year out of the calendar.

The Torres Vedras youngster, however, knows the track situated at Budapest from his Formula Renault 2.0 days and likes its nature, with different kind of corners that allow the drivers’ technique to make the difference. “It’s a track where I got good results, manly in the qualifying, I got numerous top-5 position in the grids. It’s a demanding circuit, with high temperatures and we are always changing directions, so, the driver and the car have to be at their best. But I’m in good shape and the team has been working hard, so I believe we will be strong at Hungaroring. I can hardly wait to return to racing, after such a long off-season”, said Henrique Chaves.

The twenty-three years old driver will team-up with Miguel Ramos, forming a 100% Portuguese duo at the wheel of the Teo Martín Motorsport’s McLaren 720S GT3, a team that both know well.

This year opposition is larger and stronger than ever, but the Portuguese duo is motivated to fight for this year International GT Open’s title. To reach that goal, Henrique Chaves knows that will have to have a strategic approach so he can add a title to his name. “We – I, Miguel and the team – are going to Hungaroring with the desire to win, but it’s too early and we have to understand how strong our opponents are. We will work during the weekend to be as strong as possible, but we must adopt a good handicap strategy to assure that we will be always in the best condition to score as many points as possible. Only in November we will do the maths, but we want to start the season with a win”, he stated.

Source. ComSegue


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