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The European Le Mans Series returns to Paul Ricard for a second visit, replacing Barcelona as the day-to-night race and Nielsen Racing is aiming to validate the recent progress made with new Duqueine D08 with a strong showing from both crews.

In Le Mans Cup, Nielsen is looking to set the French record straight and to secure a podium finish to match up with the team’s historic form.

Rob Hodes, driver in the #10 Duqueine M30-D08

“Without any preseason testing, I think it has taken us some time to catch up, but we did make a lot of progress since round 1 at Paul Ricard and we had very good pace in the race at Spa, unfortunately it didn’t work out for us but we’re excited to move forward”

Charles Crews, driver in the #10 Duqueine M30-D08

“It will be nice to return to a circuit that I know now that we’ve had five days on track at Paul Ricard. I think that with the upgrade on the engine and what we’ve learned in the first two rounds we can be a lot more competitive than we were when we first showed up.”

Source. BAM Motorsports


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