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A great qualifying performance by Darryl O’Young in the morning meant that the Hong Kong race driver would start the Qualification Race from first place. After leading the field away in the 8-lap Qualification Race, the race was called short due to poor visibility due to the fading daylight, and O’Young took victory ahead of Alex Liu in 9th place with just 2 laps of green flag running. 

Qualifying Results
Darryl O’Young | #95 Challenger Mercedes-AMG GT3
P1 – 2:19.024
Alex Liu Lic Ka | #3 Mercedes-AMG GT3
P8 – 2:27.694

The start of the Macau GT Cup Qualification Race was delayed, and the 8-lap race started as the sun began to set. With daylight quickly fading, O’Young led the field away, and held on to his lead by the end of the first lap. However, the race was quickly put under safety car conditions as the race director assessed the poor visibility. After two laps of safety car running, the race was allowed to resume and the racing continued, with O’Young maintaining his lead. However the race was cut short as night fell on the high speed street circuit and O’Young crossed the line in first position, taking his 4th victory in the Macau GT Cup. 

His win means that O’Young will start from first place on the grid for tomorrow’s 67th Macau Grand Prix main event, and Alex Liu will start his home race from 9th place. 


Darryl O’Young | Driver #95 Challenger Mercedes-AMG GT3
“The race was shortened and not the ideal length, but overall I’m really happy with the win, the team did a great job all weekend so far. A lot of preparation has gone into this event with our strategy and car preparation so it’s been a real team effort. Really happy to take my 4th win in the Macau GT Cup. Now the focus is on tomorrow’s race, and with the car being on Pole Position, we are in the best position possible. But we need to stay aware of our competitors and I’ll see what I need to do to maintain that position. It will be important to lead the pack into Lisboa Corner tomorrow.”

Source. Craft-Bamboo Racing


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