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The last round of the GT4 South and the first event of the GT Winter Series join forces in the Algarve with 29 teams. On the 23rd and 24th of January, GT4 South European will have its decisive last 2020 race. At the same time, the winter competition GT Winter Series 2021 will have its first 2021 race.

Having had a brief stop in Portugal in 2020, the GT Winter Series was conceived as a competition where European teams can race during the winter and prepare in the best way for the 2021 racing calendar. GT Winter Series is composed by three winter races, two in Portimão and one in the Motorland Aragon circuit.  GT Winter Series has been conceived with international teams in mind, who come to practice on Saturday and race on Sunday, so drivers can race in the circuit where they’re spent the previous day training. A variety of cars are admitted, including the German BMW M2 Trophy, general Touring cars, cars from one-make trophys, etc.

As for GT4, after Jerez de la Frontera, GT4 South will finish the season and name the 2020 winners in the Algarve. Although there are still three weeks to the meeting, the entry list already have 12 GT4, which will increase the pressure on Bullit Racing’s Mercedes AMG, who won in Jerez in December.
Teams that had already been to Portimão last year, such as the famous Zakspeed Racing and Burgmann Racing, are returning with their Mercedes AMG e Porsche Cayman, respectively. Also back is Teichmann Racing with their two KTM GT4. There is also several new teams, such as Racing One, usually present at the DTM trophy, will make their debut in this competition as 5th brand with an Audi GT4.

Diogo Ferrão can’t hide his excitement: “After so many struggles in such a difficult year as 2020, the 12 GT4 will represent our championship record and provide great racing with the BOP allowing exciting racing. Of course, the international presence is key, but we expect to include even some more local cars, as they usually sign up closer to the date. It will be a pleasure to see so many fantastic machines together, boasting the latest technology, competing in Portimão.

“Add the 30 cars with the GT Winter Series, compare that to the 18 from last year—an enormous increase—and we’re obviously filled with great joy.”

Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic still going on, the public will not be allowed at the event. However, soon the organization will have news about additional efforts to provide the fans with the most information possible on the races. See more on the GT4south.com and GTWinterSeries.com websites and social media.

Source. Race Ready


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