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Lamborghini Squadra Corse has unveiled the latest intake of drivers into its Young Driver and GT3 Junior Programmes for the 2021 season. A total of 19 Young Drivers and 15 GT3 Junior Drivers has been announced, making it the most comprehensive development programme in GT racing. The Young Drivers Program is dedicated to drivers under 26 engaged in Lamborghini Super Trofeo championships; the GT3 Junior Program is the next step, reserved to drivers racing in the GT championships worldwide behind the wheel of the Huracán GT3 Evo.

A key element of the racing division of Automobili Lamborghini, the brand’s Youngster Programs have provided up-and-coming drivers a tangible career path not only into the world of GT racing since 2014, but also as Lamborghini works drivers and instructors.

Led by Raffaele Giammaria, the Youngsters Programs offers a complete package for young talent, from media management to on-track instruction: the project supports drivers in professional and personal growth, through the programme, young drivers are taught how to increase their technical knowledge, both on the track and off it without neglecting physical preparation.

The most impressive drivers within the programmes will be invited to participate in a final selection shoot-out held at the end of the year in Italy: the drivers will be evaluated in a two-day full-immersion session featuring physical training, attitude and driving skills including a kart training with the partnership of DR Racing Kart. The drivers of each program who impress the selection panel the most during the evaluation will go on to receive official support from Lamborghini Squadra Corse for the 2021 season.

The Young Driver Programme

Winner of the Lamborghini Young Drivers Assessment in 2020, Raúl Guzman cements his place in the Young Driver Program again this season as the talented Mexican targets title success in Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe with Target Racing.

This year’s YDP intake features drivers from the European and North American Super Trofeo championships, following the temporary amalgamation of the Asian championship into the China GT Championship this season. Super Trofeo Europe accounts for 13 of the 19 drivers in the program, with a further six coming from North America.

Divided into two parts, the Young Driver Program members are selected by Giammaria and observed throughout the season by their respective Lamborghini championships before being assessed at the end of the year.

Full List of YDP Members

Steven Agakhani

Sebastian Balthasar

Luke Berkeley

Glenn van Berlo

Andrea Cola

Jacob Eidson

Raul Guzman

Danny Formal

Haston Harrison

Mattia Michelotto

Maxime Oosten

Daan Pijl

Guillem Pujeu

Leonardo Pulcini

Kevin Rossel

Giano Taurino

Milan Teekens

Noha Watt

Max Weering

GT3 Junior Programme

International GT Open drivers Yuki Nemoto Michele Beretta and Baptiste Moulin are part of the GT3 Junior Driver program this season, alongside Super Trofeo graduates Kikko Galbiati, Andrea Amici and Taylor Proto. Lamborghini newcomers Luca Ghiotto and Arthur Rougier join up-and-coming GT3 drivers Stuart Middleton, Frederik Schandorff and Jonathan Cecotto.

Also making the list are 24H Series drivers Brendon Leitch and Tyler Cooke, while ADAC GT Masters team-mates Tim Zimmermann and Steijn Schothorst return for another year in the program

The GT3 Juniors will also be monitored throughout the season and assessed at the end of the year, with the possibility of moving up to the Lamborghini Factory Driver Programme, following the same path of Giacomo Altoè and Sandy Mitchell who both completed the journey from Young Driver to Factory Driver, successfully competing in the Super Trofeo and winning championships like International GT Open and British GT.

Full List of GT3 Junior Members

Andrea Amici

Michele Beretta

Jonathan Cecotto

Tyler Cooke

Kikko Galbiati

Luca Ghiotto

Brendon Leitch

Mateo Llarena

Stuart Middleton

Baptiste Moulin

Yuki Nemoto

Arthur Rougier

Frederik Schandorff

Steijn Schothorst

Tim Zimmermann

Source. Lamborghini


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