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CarBahn with Peregrine Racing is welcoming in the final stretch of the 2021 season at its home track.

The team is enroute to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for one of the most awaited events of the year. The renowned, unique track surrounded by a charming town and great scenery is a fan and driver favorite. The 2.238-mile, 11 turn circuit sits just an hour south of the team’s headquarters allowing the team ample experience at the twisting, technical venue.

The No. 39 Audi R8 GT3 LMS and the No. 93 Audi R8 GT4 LMS are prepped and primed for the pilots to take the helm; Richard Heistand and Jeff Westphal in the No. 39 and Sameer Gandhi and Tom Dyer in the No. 93. The track is notorious for having low grip and intense battles making it crucial that the drivers manage their tires for the entirety of their stints. The high-downforce Audi will be presented with opportunities to shine in the tracks turn sequences, like the infamous Corkscrew, so long as the strategist drivers and crew align to save tires while flawlessly executing everything else.  
The teams’ weekend at its home track begins Friday, September 10, with practice for both the No. 93 and the No. 39.  Saturday, September 11, see’s Qualifying for the No. 93 at 2:30 p.m. ET and Qualifying for the No. 39 at 4:05 p.m. The No. 93 takes to the track for the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca 120 at 7:40 p.m.


Richard Heistand, Driver of the No. 39 Audi R8 GT3 LMS – IMSA WeatherTech Sprint Cup
“You know actually I’m pretty happy with our efforts in year one of the program and proud of the work everyone on the team has put in,” Heistand said. “Of course, we are all very competitive people, and when you are so close to wins and multiple podiums and you aren’t quite converting for various reasons it can be easy to get caught up in the frustration of that. But the reality is we have been an extremely competitive week in and week out. That is uncommon for a new team, and we are doing it in what is likely the most competitive field in the GTD classes history in terms of sprint. It was a very different championship just one season ago in that regard. So, we just need to keep chipping away at it and know it’s the little things that come from steady improvement, gelling, and continuity that make the difference in a tight and competitive field like this.  I think we are all excited about Laguna. It’s the home race for the team and a track that really suits the Audi R8 GT3. We’re going to play to win and leave it all out on the track.”

Jeff Westphal, Driver of the No. 39 Audi R8 GT3 LMS – IMSA WeatherTech Sprint Cup
“The complexity of the car and the high level of competition means the learning curve is steep and challenging,” Westphal said. “We are arriving at most of these tracks for the first time with the GTD Audi and have been trying to catch up to teams with multiple trips to that track already. Fundamentally it is our strong, family-oriented, and like-minded approach that helps CarBahn with Peregrine Racing punch so high on the gride for a new program.”

“I think a win at any IMSA track in GTD is a tough feat to accomplish. Laguna Seca presents a challenge to maximize grip from the tire as the surface provides low adhesion. We need a soft car to maximize the grip, but we have to stiffen the car to support the overall platform for the three high-speed corners each lap. These two factors are of course inversely proportional, hence the challenge the driver and the engineering squad are faced with.”

Sameer Gandhi, Driver of the No. 93 Audi R8 GT4 LMS – IMSA MICHELIN Pilot Challenge
“I’m super excited to be back with CarBahn with Peregrine Racing at our home track,” Gandhi said, “I look forward to this event all year, and I know the team does as well. The No. 93 program has really improved this season and I’m ready to get back into the mix and continue to grow with the group. I think Tom and I will have a great and fun weekend at one of the best tracks on the map.”

Tom Dyer, Driver of the No. 93 Audi R8 GT4 LMS – IMSA MICHELIN Pilot Challenge
“Everyone on the team looks forward to Laguna Seca since it is our home race,” Dyer said. “There will be lots of friends, family, and guests to watch and support both races with the GT4 and GT3 Audi R8’s. That said, the focus for the No. 93 team is to prepare and ready for our race on Saturday and help Sameer and I strive for our best outing together this year.”

“Sameer loves driving at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca and I think he will have his best run yet. As he spends more time behind the wheel his confidence and pace strengthen which helps to start the race right and leave me with a fighting chance to be on the lead lap and move forward, which is our plan. The crew has been awesome all year with fast, mistake-free, pit stops and the race strategy has been on point. So, with all of those things in place, we should have a good weekend. I’m really looking forward to getting back behind the wheel of the CarBahn with Peregrine Racing Audi R8 GT4 LMS at its home track.”

Source. CarBahn Motorsports


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