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James Swift secures another win in the Trofeo Pirelli class, with Laurent de Meeus taking his first win in the Coppa Shell class, in a thrilling day of action played out in front of the crowd at Silverstone.

Trofeo Pirelli. Perfect qualifying conditions put James Swift (Dick Lovett Swindon) in pole position, with an impressive time of 2:04.604. Swift went on to dominate the race in similar conditions to those in qualifying – leading from the front and consistently pulling away from the rest of the field. Lucky Khera (Graypaul Birmingham), starting from third, managed to pass Andie Stokoe (Dick Lovett Swindon) and finish second. Stokoe secured his best grid position in qualifying and his highest race finish on the third step of the podium. Once again it was Swift that took the fastest lap of the race (2:05.675).

Coppa Shell. Laurent de Meeus (H.R. Owen London) out-qualified the rest of the field with a lap time of 2:06.470. De Meeus ran a strong race, despite some close moments which ended in minor contact. He took his first win of the series in only his third race of the season. De Meeus was followed up by Graham de Zille (Meridien Modena) who, despite losing a few places after a race incident, managed to hold his place on the podium. The final step of the podium went to Paul Simmerson (Graypaul Birmingham) after driving another incredible race to achieve his 5th podium of the season. Simmerson took the fastest lap of the race in the Coppa Shell class with a lap time of 2:08.793.

Schedule. The qualifying session for Race 2 will take place tomorrow from 09:35 to 10:05, and the race will get underway at 14:20.

Source. Ferrari/Photo. The Editor


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