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Team Parker Racing added two more Porsche Carrera Cup GB titles to the Rookie and Teams’ crowns as it claimed the Pro-Am championship with Ryan Ratcliffe and the Am honours with Justin Sherwood, who took his record-breaking third title in a row.

The opening race on Sunday was action-packed from the moment the lights went out. Harry and Kiern were both under pressure from Lorcan Hanafin off the line, but Kiern boxed him in before sweeping around the outside of Harry at Paddock Hill Bend to take the lead. Behind, Justin Armstrong’s Am championship hopes were dashed as he took heavy contact from behind at Graham Hill Bend, sending him well off track and out of contention.
Harry looked every which way to get past Kiern for the lead, trying his luck on the outside of Hawthorns which caused him to run wide, though he held on to slot back in to fourth and quickly regained third from Hanafin. He then made his way past Dan Cammish for second and set after Kiern once more, but a late lunge at Stirlings forced both wide. That meant Kiern went through the gravel and dropped down to sixth, which would become fifth when Harry was penalised for the attempt, while Hanafin took the lead, before the race was stopped a few laps early when a car went off a Paddock.
Behind, Ryan took second in Pro-Am which was enough for him to secure the title in just his second year in the series, while Justin Sherwood finished second in the Am class to take a record-breaking third-straight class championship.
With all eyes on the Pro championship battle for the overall title, both Harry and Kiern were fighting for third in the standings and were nose-to-tail on track once again. There was an early Safety Car, however, as Nathan Harrison failed to get going off the line and was collected by Lucky Khera and unfortunately Justin Armstrong, who retired on the spot and missed out on second in the championship.
Once the race was back underway Kiern put some pressure on Cammish for third place but also had to defend from Harry, which helped Hanafin in his attempts to pass him. The title hopeful did briefly get into fifth, but then lost control at Paddock Hill Bend right in front of the outgoing champion who did well to avoid making contact.
From there the two remained in fourth and fifth, which meant Kiern would finish third in the championship as well as winning the Rookie title last time out, with Harry just behind him in fourth. Ryan took another podium in Pro-Am, in second, while Justin Sherwood also took second in the Am class to round out the race and a successful season for the team.

Kiern Jewiss, #26
G1 – 2, R1 – 5
G2 – 5, R2 – 4
Championship: 3 (104 points)
Rookie Championship: 1 (234 points)
“Qualifying was good and I went purple, purple and then had a bit of a mistake, but the pace was good. Race one was going very well, I was leading and then Harry went for a very optimistic move that wasn’t on and unfortunately had me off so I ended up in the gravel, but it happens, and we move on.
“Race two I got a good start made up a few positions and that was that really, I didn’t have the pace when it was on old tyres and everyone else had something half fresh, so it was very difficult, but we finished third in the championship so I’m happy. It’s been a big transition this year from single seaters. It is hard, but I look forward to next year in the 992 if that’s the route we’re going to go.”

Harry King, #17

G1 – 1, R1 – 6
G2 – 6, R2 – 5

Championship: 4 (94 points)

“We had a positive start on Friday and Saturday being quickest in both free practices and in qualifying and breaking the lap record, two in a row, which is great. I felt really confident for race one, but we overtook into the lead and then we suffered a penalty as a result of the overtake which was deemed illegal, so we had a bit of work to do in race two. I made up some good places off the line and then got to turn two and got pushed wide.

“We’ve had the most successful Porsche Junior season that they’ve ever had, so I can take away a lot of positives and there’s hardly any negatives. I’ve enjoyed and thoroughly cherished every moment of being a Porsche GB Junior, so it makes me excited for the future and what that holds for me as a Porsche driver.

“The series has totally changed from my first race weekend to how it is now. It really is cut-throat racing, so I’m glad I could bring some fire to the Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain. It’s proved that it’s been a very competitive series this year and last, so it’s on everyone’s radar now as a place that they want to compete in, because it is the best of the best. To call myself a champion in this in this era of Porsche racing is something I take a lot of pride in.”

Ryan Ratcliffe, #33

G1 – 3, R1 – 2
G2 – 2, R2 – 2

Pro-Am Championship: 1 (123 points)

“I was happy with qualifying. I made a mistake on my quickest lap, so I knew where the time was, which was a little bit disappointing, but it’s not as if the pace wasn’t there, so we qualified third which was okay. In the first race I made progress at the start, though it was a bit chaotic with a couple of the Pros coming together. One of them spun in front of a queue of cars that I was in, and I ended up piling into the back of someone and thought that I’d done my radiator, but thankfully I didn’t and managed to finish third and that secured me the championship.

“All the pressure was off for the second race and to be fair to [Charles] Rainford he drove a really good race. I think the pace was there it’s just really hard to overtake around here and I didn’t want to do anything stupid on the last weekend of the year. I’m happy to come away with two podiums and the championship.

“We’ve been working hard for it all year. I think I proved I’ve been the most consistent out of anyone on the grid and that’s what wins championships. Consistency is key. I’m really happy and I’m really happy for the team as well to get the Am championship and so close to the Pro championship right at the end. it just proves again that they’re the team to be with.”

Justin Sherwood, #7

G1 – 1, R1 – 2
G2 – 2, R2 – 2

Am Championship: 1 (139 points)

“In qualifying I managed to get the pole, but it was really close between all four of us in the class. It was the fastest lap I’ve ever done around here so I was happy with that. In the first race I got a good start, settled down, then I saw an incident with Justin who’s obviously my main championship rival.

“I realised that it was just a matter of bringing it home. I was leading relatively comfortably but then Josh Stanton started putting some pressure on and I made a mistake coming out of Clearways, got a bit of oversteer, and he got a run into Paddock, so I defended, and then he got a run out of Paddock and passed me into Druids.

“Getting second place and the championship was great for me after the run of bad luck I have had the past couple of meetings. The team has won four championships this year, unfortunately just missed out on the Pro one, but it was a great year and I really enjoyed it, so a big thanks to Team Parker Racing.”

Justin Armstrong, #6
G1 – 2, R1 – 5
G2 – 5, R2 – DNF
Am Championship: 3 (119 points)
“First of all, I want to say congratulations to Justin for defending his title. He is such a nice guy and fair driver, so it is well deserved. Race one I got hit at turn three by Josh Caygill and he apologised for missing his braking point, and it is admirable for him to admit he made a mistake, so it was magnanimous of him.
“That put us on the back foot starting dead last for race two, but I only needed to finish to secure second in the championship. I agonised what to do, should I race, should I start in the pitlane? We decided to race, properly and fairly, but it wasn’t the right decision. Harrison had an issue, Lucky hit him, and I was completely unsighted, had nowhere to go, and it broke the steering. Motorsport is great when it goes well, but it’s painful when it doesn’t.
“I can’t thank Team Parker Racing enough. They have worked tirelessly and deserved better from me, they always give their all and without them it wouldn’t be fun and wouldn’t be possible. They’re the only team I would consider racing for. It’s like a family.”
Team Parker Racing
Entrants’ Championship: 1 (438 points)

Source. Torque


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