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More than a year before it will be delivered to BMW M Motorsport teams, the new BMW M4 GT4 completed its first tests last week in Almeria (ESP). Development of the car is already at an advanced stage. The goal is to continue the impressive success story of its predecessor. To enable this, the new BMW M4 GT4 will not only feature the strengths of the current car, there will be improvements in some areas. As well as performance, BMW M Motorsport engineers are also placing great importance on ease of maintenance and cost efficiency. The BMW M production model provides an outstanding basis, while the new car will also adopt certain components from its big brother, the BMW M4 GT3.

“With the new BMW M4 GT4, we are writing the next chapter in a major success story,” said Thomas Felbermair, Vice President Sales and Marketing BMW M GmbH. “The current model has shaken up the booming GT4 class in recent years, and has celebrated many titles and victories all over the world. When developing the new BMW M4 GT4, we wanted to retain the strengths of its predecessor and even improve them in some areas. We are confident that BMW M Motorsport teams and drivers will have a huge amount of fun with this model. The hunt for more trophies in the GT4 segment starts in 2023.”

Development of the GT4 model, which is based on the new BMW M4 production car (combined fuel consumption: 10.1 – 9.9 l/100 km acc. WLTP; combined CO2 emissions: 230 – 226 g/km acc. WLTP), began with initial computer simulations in September 2020. The BMW M4 GT4 has been developed since the start of 2021 and the first test vehicle assembled since the summer. The chassis, including an FIA-approved safety cage, comes from the BMW Group Plant in Dingolfing (GER), where the production car is also built. The BMW M4 GT4 completed its first functional test in October 2021.

As a car designed to be used by private BMW M Motorsport teams, the focus is on such issues as ease of maintenance and operational costs. Just like its predecessor, the BMW M4 GT4 is setting new benchmarks in this regard. The complete drivetrain, including engine, transmission and electronics, has been adopted from the production model. This outstanding basis, which includes a multi-level traction control, has been optimised in detail for use in motorsport. The developers placed particular emphasis on cooling, which is always a major challenge in the GT4 class. Some components, like the CFC roof and rear wing concept, have been adopted from the BMW M4 GT3. The use of sustainable materials like natural fibres, which replace carbon and plastic components, plays an important role. BMW M Motorsport is cooperating with the company Bcomp in this area. Further strong partners supporting the BMW M4 GT4 project are H&R, Ravenol and RECARO.

“Although we are still in a very early phase of testing, there are already areas, in which we have achieved progress compared to the current BMW M4 GT4,” said BMW M works driver Jens Klingmann (GER), who took on the test work alongside Erik Johansson (SWE) in Almeria. “This applies in particular to the seat ergonomics, ease of operation and many additional functions that the predecessor did not have. As far as driveability is concerned, the new BMW M4 GT4 feels very secure from the word go. It has a large top range, in which you can push the car to the limit. We still have a full year to optimise the car to be used by private teams and drivers, but it is already a lot of fun to drive.”

The test work continues over the coming months. A second test car will be available for this purpose at the start of 2022.

Source. BMW


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