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“We are definitely disappointed on the last weekend at Hockenheim. Everything went wrong, despite of great competitiveness. It was a weekend to forget…”. Raton Racing by Target’s boss Roberto Tanca commented.
At the German venue that hosted the second out of seven International GT Open rounds, Alberto Di Folco started by setting the fourth fastest lap in the Saturday morning’s first qualifying session, driving his Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo, whilst Liang Jiatong was sixth in the PRO class.

In Race 1 an incident forced Jiatong to retire at the second lap. Di Folco and his team-mate Christoph Lenz finished on 16th.

On Sunday morning’s second qualifying Raffaele Giammaria showed well to take a top-10 finish and the seventh in the class together with Jiatong.

Lenz lapped a second and half from the pole position, but in the race he was involved in another incident with a McLaren. Eventually the Swissman and Di Folco finished 17th and sixth in PRO-AM.

“Our cars were very fast, but we weren’t lucky”, added Tanca, “I want to thank all the team, that made an excellent job again”.

The next International GT Open round will be held in Spa-Francorchamps, on 8/9 June.

Source. Raton Racing


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